Will Thomas knew he wouldn't be able to stay calm or act normal if he stayed in the office any longer. As soon as he tried to sit comfortably in his desk, like he usually did, he knew he wouldn't make it through the day without losing his composure. He sweltered like he was some murderer waiting for his own execution.

"You look really pale, Will. I think you should go home and rest," Toby had advised.

He nodded. His throat was too dry for him to talk much. "I think I should."

"You can go to Peach's office and tell her you need to rest for the day."

"I will." He grabbed his bag and hurried to the assistant manager's office. He knocked curtly and waited.

"Come in."

He swung the door open and saw Sean standing so close to Peach.

"Mr. Thomas." Sean smiled.

"Hello, Mr. Tedbald."

Sean winked at Peach and said, "See you tonight."

Peach blushed. "Sure"

Their department head exited through the door silently.

"What do you want, Will?"

Will sighed and swallowed hard. "Can I take the day off and go home? I'm sorry but I don't feel well today."

Peach watched him standing there with such concern in her eyes. "Oh, you poor thing! You look pale and ill." She approached him and touched his forehead. "You're sweating."

"Can I go?"

"You should have called in sick, Will."

"I'm sorry. I was feeling a little feverish when I woke up this morning but thought nothing of it. But, it seems to have gotten worst when I arrived," Will lied. He was really good at it.

Peach shook her head. "It's alright since you're very hard-working, Will. Now go home and rest. Make sure you visit a doctor."

"Okay. Thanks, Ms. Williams ... I mean, Peach."

Peach smiled. He hurriedly left the room and headed out.

"Hey, Will! You okay?" It was Glen who asked him this time.

"I just need to rest. I'll see you tomorrow." Will didn't give his friend a chance to say anything. He took a newspaper from the pantry and hurried out of the office. He had to check about the dead guy who made it on the front page of the newspaper that day.

A thousand questions swam through his mind, leaving him with more questions. He was certain that he had murdered Mr. Gunn before cremating his body.

Who was that guy on the newspaper? Why did he bare the same mark that I carved on my project's body before dumping him into the cremation chamber?

He chose to cremate all of his victims and leave no evidence behind. For the first time in his life, Will had no idea what to do or where to look for answers. He decided it would be best if he'd just go home first and maybe then he could finally think of what to do.

By the time he came home, he was surprised to see Una sitting in the living room, watching TV.

"You're home early," his young land lady said.

"Yeah. So are you ..."

Una's facial expression was heavy and worn-out. "I don't feel good today. I have my period so I've got stomach cramps. And this dull ache in my lower back is exhausting. Going to school wouldn't be such a good idea," she answered.

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