Hickey || 08

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HICKEY / chapter eight

The next day, I set out to find Ryder. I know that we ended things badly last night, but I wanted to apologize and also tell him that I now remember what happened at the party—or, well, some parts of it. But when I got to school, he wasn't anywhere in the halls and I didn't know where his locker was so I decided to wait for lunch, but I didn't see him in the cafeteria either. Finally, at the end of class, I waited for him in the parking lot.

Still, there was no sign of him.

Maybe he was at football practice? That could be it.

When I get home, I go straight to my room to text Nikki. I didn't have any homework and didn't want to sit at home for the rest of the night. Nikki was probably out of school by now since her school lets them out earlier than us so I text her asking if she was busy and if she could hang out.  She replies to meet at the end of my street.

Having a best friend who had a car and was only a call away was pretty cool.

After fixing myself up a little, I head back downstairs and peek into the kitchen where my mom was. Trying to sound as honest as possible, I call out, "Hey, Mom, I have to go back to school. I forgot that we had a meeting with my groupmates for a project."

She looks over her shoulder at me. "What time will you be home? I already started up dinner."

"I'm not sure. You guys can eat without me, I might be home late."

"Be safe, okay? If you see your brother at school, tell him to come home right away. Your dad and I want to eat with at least one of you."

Before turning back to her cooking, Mom shoots me a smile that almost makes me feel guilty. Almost.

Nikki meets me at the end of our street. When I get inside the passenger's seat, she turns to me with a mischievous glint in her eyes.

I have to stop myself from groaning. "Oh no. You have that look."

"What look?"

I sigh at her.I know exactly what the look she's giving me means; it's the look that means she has a plan to have fun. And by Nikki's definition, 'fun' is loud music and hot guys and maybe a little bit of alcohol.

"That look that means you're gonna get me in trouble."

She scoffs. "You get into enough trouble without my help. But listen, there's this guy from my school who told me about a party a kid from your school is throwing."

I shake my head. "I told my mom I was going back to school to finish a group project. I don't think coming home at one in the morning will make my lie believable."

"We'll be home by seven, I promise!" she tells me, starting the engine. "Come on, Eva, we'll just drop by. Please."

"Is the guy who told you about the party hot?"

I can tell that she's trying hard not to grin. "And really nice."

"Seven," I tell her sternly. "But first, let's get some dinner. I'm missing my family's dinner for you, you know."

"You're the one who asked me to hang out," she points out.

We eat dinner at a fast food and then we're on our way to the party. I'm not exactly dressed for a party, still wearing my clothes for school, but it's not like I can go home to change. Elliot was still at practice, but my dad was probably already home by now.

At least I didn't forget to wear a shirt that hid the hickey.

When we get to the house of the guy throwing the party, there were only a few kids already there. Nikki parks the car and we both get out. A bunch of guys were setting up a cooler in the front yard and there was music coming from inside the house.

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