Ace's P.O.V. 16

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"What were you guys doing?" I whisper into Kade's ear when he sits next to me.

"Talking?" He whispers back not looking at me.


"Something." Can you be more vague, Kade?

"So you're the infamous Kade?" Kade looks away in the direction of my sister.

"I guess?" He says looking back at me confused. I place my hand on his thigh and feel that he's tensed. I squeeze and next thing I know I am getting pinched by him.


"Stop." I roll my eyes and look at my sister and her husband.

"Yes, Mel, this is Kade, the guy I talked to you guys about. Kade, this is my sister, Melanie, and her husband Mike."

"Nice to meet you." Kade says.

"Pleasures ours. I hear my brother here is tamed by you." Mel laughs looking at me and then at Kade. Kade laughs and glances at me.

"I doubt it. He's an annoying little shit that I doubt I'll be able to tame." I squeeze his thigh again not getting a reaction this time.

"Oh, we know. We've been in his life for a long time. He can be annoying as hell, especially when he doesn't get his way."

"I've noticed. He's even annoying when it comes to me paying for my things. Like, I'm a grown man, I can take care of myself."

"Don't let him manhandle you like that. Put him in place even with things like that. Show him what you're all about. If he gets mad at you for small things, don't apologize, make him beg you for what he wants" Everyone laughs except me.

"I'm right here."

"We know, that's why I'm saying it." Mel says. Mason taps my shoulder making me look at him.

"Sorry, bro, but you are completely screwed this time. I'm not helping because then I'll be screwed."

"Thanks." I say sarcastically earning a mischievous smirk from Mason.

"So, how long have you guys been together?" Mike asks making Kade tense under me.

"We're not together." Kade answers


"Yeah, Ace, here makes it sound and look like they are." Mason says teasing.

"Kind of possessive if you ask me." Mason says again.

"I think it's adorable" Adri says.

"So, how are the kids? Why didn't they come?" I change the topic knowing Kade is getting uncomfortable.

"They wanted to come, but I said no because it was an adult lunch. They're with mom anyways."

"Well, hopefully I see them before you guys leave."

"Why don't you come over mom's?"

"Mel, you know what happened right?" I ask and she shakes her head. I briefly tell her and Mike what happened and they are not surprised by what she did.

"Wait, I'm confused. So, you guys are not together?" Mike asks confused which make Kade giggle.

"No, Ace asked me to pretend to be his boyfriend to make a point when she came to his office, then in Mason's and Adri's place I kissed him so that should could get it through her head, no offense, Mel, but your mom is hard headed and something else, but we're not together." Kade clears out.

"Yet." I hear Adri mumble.

"So, you don't like him?" I see him look at Adriana and back at my sister.

"Not in that way. I guess he's alright as my boss and to hang out with, but nothing else?" Kade replies after he clears his throat. He avoids eye contact with me after that and I can feel he's tensed up under my hand which is still laying on his thigh.

"So, are we finally ready to order? I'm hungry." Mason says.

"Yeah" Mike says waving over our waitress who came by earlier when Kade and Adri were still outside. Kade sits back and places his hand on his thigh; the same thigh my hand is on. When he realizes his hand is on mine he tries to pull it back but I don't let him. I intertwined our fingers loosely on top of his thigh which he doesn't object to.

"How old are you, Kade?" Mike asks.

"26, why?"

"You look younger than your age, for sure. But at the same time manly. Wait you did graduate with Ace didn't you?"

"Thanks, and yes, I did."

"Why are you younger than them?" I feel Kade squeeze mine and I can tell he's nervous being pretty much cornered here.

"I-I graduated early."

"Calm down, they just want to get to know you." I whisper lowly when I see the waitress come back with our food.

"I'm nervous, and I'm the only one new here. What if I say something wrong and they hate me?" He whispers back his hand sweaty now. He untangles our fingers and wipes his hand on his jeans.

"You're doing great." I say.

"I'm doing horrible."

"You're adorable, calm down and enjoy your meal" He nods and looks down at his plate of pasta. He twirls his pasta in his fork and then eats it.

"So, Ace." I lift my brow and look at my sister.

"What?" I ask.

"How does it feel to see the guy you talked about nonstop arrive at the front of your company?"

"Great? Wonderful? Great?" I say laughing.

"He's been whipped from the moment he realized who was Kade Jensen. Hasn't been Ace since." Mason teases.


"How about you Kade?"

"What about me?"

"How was it seeing Ace again?" That make me cough and Mason laugh.

"Are you okay?" Adri asks

"I'm fine. And to answer Kade's question, he didn't know who I was until I introduced myself." Mel laughs and shakes her head.

"That's cute." Mike says. Huh?

"You've been crazy about a guy who had no idea of who you were; your existence?" Mel says making fun of me. I ignore her and drink some of my soda not saying anything. I feel Kade hand now on my thigh and it kind of and kind of doesn't help.

"Yes, Mel." She laughs and it pisses me off. What's so wrong about being crazy about a guy that didn't know who you were?

Once we're all done we decided to head out. We all left separately. Mel and Mike were headed to mom's and Adri and Mason headed to his mom's place where Lucy was.

"Are you okay?" Kade asks as we walk to my car.

"Yes, why wouldn't I?"

"You're sister making fun of you?" he says shrugging.

"She's a bitch for that, but I love her." I say opening the door for Kade.

"Thanks." He gets in and I soon follow.

"What do you want to do now?"

"Doesn't matter." he says taking my hand and playing with my fingers.

"Are you okay?" I ask suspiciously.

"I'm great." He says looking up and smiling.

"Yes, you are" I whisper leaning in to kiss him.

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