Jake Paul - maybe pt. 2

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it's been a few weeks since I left the team 10 house for a while.
Erika and Tessa were still here, we're gonna go back today and hopefully Jake has his shit together.


We walk in to see everything a mess.

I see nick, I hug him.
"Where have you been, we need you, Jake needs you"he smiles.

"We needed time away from people, not you just Jake"I laugh.

"Well he's upstairs"he smiles.

"Okay thanks"I say.

I walk into his room and see everything is trashed, I look to the bed and hear Jake crying.

"Hey, what's wrong"I say and set my luggage down.

"Y/N? "He sniffles and looks my way.
"Yea"I smile.

He engulfs me in a hug which I return back.
I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss him...

"I missed you"he cried.

"I missed me too"I joke, making him laugh aswell.

"I don't know how you can make me laugh at times like this"he smiles which I return.

"I'll clean up the house while-"

"Nope I clean, you sit"he laughs.

"Babeeee, noo"I whine.

"You just called me babe, I thought you broke up with me"

"Nope, never said it was over. "I smile.

After we clean up we go get pizza.

"Yo, this pizza is my true love"Tessa laughs.

"Uhhh, no Emilio is your true love y'all better kiss"I laugh with everyone but Emilio and Tessa as they're red.

They look at eachother and kiss.
"Aweee"me and Erika coo.

Then there's the guys,
"Ohhhh get it emi" "oh emi boutta smash"

They pull away, and then blush harder.

Ayeeee y'all got a part 2.
I'mma be admiring Jakes hottness rn so... Ya!

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