Louis is my best friend.

I don’t know what I’d do without him.

He taught me how to walk, right after he learned.

He taught me how to dance, even if it was a crazy dance that he could only do.

And most of all he taught me how to live life, even if it meant that he wasn’t by my side.

Louis Tomlinson is my best friend.

Yeah that guy from One Direction.

The one that everyone falls head over heels in love with because of his loud, funny, spontaneously hilarious attitude. Not to mention is good looks.

We have been best friends since we were born. My mother and his mother went to school together and they stayed in touch so Louis and I becoming friends was a given.

When we got older he told me he was going to audition for the X factor so I let him.

No offense but he kind of abandoned me here and I miss him a lot.

Now its present day and he has a worldwide sensation of a boy band.

He hasn’t spoken to me for two years now and I know he’s busy all the time but seriously a simple “hello” here or there would be good.

Hi I’m Caroline Darcy and I live with my roommate when were out of school.

Her name is Michelle Connors.

We’re both 19 right now and were on summer holiday.

We live in the city of London, since that’s where we go to school and work, so we have a busy life.

We work at a diner called “Victoria’s Place”.

I was a waitress along with Chelle (Michelle’s nickname) and another girl that was rather annoying.

It was pouring rain outside and lightening was heard above us.

The lights flickered on and off for a moment and everyone froze.

I looked up at the lights then back at Victoria, the owner who worked with us. She shrugged her shoulders at me and the day carried on.

A young couple walked in and they took a seat in a booth.

“Caroline please go take care of them.” Victoria asked sweetly. She was such a nice lady at the age of 32.

She actually worked along her associated instead of just bossing them around.

I walked over grabbing two menus on my way and handed them plastering a fake smile on my face.

“Hello folks, crazy weather we having no?” I asked taking out my writing pad and pencil.

I couldn’t find my pencil and I looked around slightly seeing if I could use Chelle’s. She was with another group of people and I didn’t bother asking her for it.

I sure as hell wasn’t going to ask Megan, the annoying girl, so I turned back to the people.

“Yes it is but it’s the usual for London weather so we’re used to it.” The male said looking at his date.

His hand snaked out from under the table and he held his date’s hand looking her in the eyes smiling a little.

I grinned a little at their love. I wish I had that but no one would bother date me because A) I’m too busy, B) I don’t trust easily, and C) I’m not “easy”.

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