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"Tammy, you just gotta tell your dad."

"There's no way I could tell him. If I did it would go right over ihis head."

Tammy was having another mid life crisses. Her dad was scheming to have her take over his newpaper business again. She was interested in fashion, wanted to be a designer and was working in a small studio for a local small time designer. 

I on the other hand am content with where I am. And where am I exactly? I am here, stuck in New York with two dead end jobs paying off my medical bills from my surgery and trying to keep up with the rent on my apartment. Unlike Tammy, I couldn't even think about going to college. I played on my school's soccer team from the time I was ten to my junior year. I was so good I was given a full scholarship but when my knee went out so did my scholarship.

During a game I was pushed from behind and landed on my knee and tore my ACL. That cut the rest of my season. I spent months in recovery and when I was cleared to play again my knee couldn't keep up. Any hope of college went out the window with my knee. My mother works as a janitor, there was no way she had any money to pay for college. Plus after my parents divorce she had no money left.

"You gotta take your life in to your own hands."

"Says the girl that doesn't have any kind of plan for the future."

It was true, I didn't have any set plan for the future. Times have been tough for me. Since my parents divorce when I was forteen I've been working odd jobs to cover my mothers rent. Her new boyfriend at the time couldn't hold a job and what money he did get he spent on booze. I could yell and bark at my mother all I wanted and she wouldn't dump the bastard. When I was eighteen I got a steady job at Renoui's, and a few months after that I got a second job at a music shop. It took me a year to save up enough to buy my own place.

"Just because I don't have a plan doesn't mean I'm gonna let you stop from carrying out yours."

"Why do you always sound so smart?"

"Hey, I still graduated high school don't bring me down college girl."

We laughed as we walked down the sidewalk. The sidewalks and streets were filled with people and yellow taxi cabs. The average sunny day walking down the upper west side of New York. The west side was more alive than the east side. The east side held most of the money, houses filled with the rich. The west side has a life; working.

Tammy and I stopped at a vendor to grab something to eat. A few New York hot dogs and we would be good to go.

"Well have you thought about maybe coaching?"

"Tammy, we've been through this already. Anything that has to do with athletics I'm out. It's nothing but a huge waste of time and money for everybody."

And wasn't that the truth. College cost a lot of money and money is something I don't have a lot of. I'm barely living day to day on my own paychecks.

"You know that's not true."

"Yeah well it's the reality I live by."

From behind someone snatched Tammy's purse and almost plowed me over. He grabbed the bag running down the street.


I ran after him with everything my legs could give me. Sure it was hard and it hurt but that's my friends bag and some creep isn't going to take it from her. The man pushed people out of the way but they were smart enough to get out of my way as I ran. When the man tried to run across the street he was nearly hit by two cabs. I followed and a black car rolled in front of me, I barely caught it in the corner of my eye to jump over it in time. Instead of being hit I slid over the hood of the car and continued to run after the guy.

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