Korean Word's🌿

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1.) Wait a moment please -Jamkkaman Gidaryeo Juseyo - 잠깐만 기다려 주세요.

2.) I Understand- Algetsseumnida -알겠습니다.

3.)I Miss You - Bogo Shipeoyo - 보고싶어요

4.)Have a good journey - Jal danyeooseyo

5.) Have a nice day - joeun haru doeseyo.

6.)What is your name? Ireumi mwoyeyo? -이름이뭐예요?

7.) My name is _____ - Je iremeun ______ imnida -제이름은_______입니다.

8.)Welcome -eoseo oseyo -어서오세요

9.) I will eat well (Thank you for the meal) - Jal meogeot sseumnida - 잘먹겠습니다.

10.) I ate well (Thank you for the meal) -Jal meogeotsseumnida - 잘먹었습니다.

11.) Bon Apetit- masitge deuseyo - 맛있게드세요

12.)How much is this - igyeo eolmageyo- 이거얼마예요

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