wildflower // jughead jones (pt. 2 of friend of mine)

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requested: i think so, bc peeps requested for pt. 2??
dedicated to: everyone! <33



  She's faced the hardest times you could imagine.
And many times her eyes fought back the tears. 

You lied down on yourher bed, tears streaming down from her eyes. No matter what, you denied that you moved on from Jughead, you still loved him.You were slowly healing, but Jughead was slowly showing some affection. Archie, on the other hand, was a real sweetheart. Showering you with hugs, and being on your side, whenever you were blue.

You started to develop feelings for him, but you knew deep down, you still loved Jughead.

You were torn between two.

You then heard a 'bing' from your phone.

You wiped your salty tears away, and reached for your phone. You pressed the home button, to see your wallpaper of Jughead and you when you were 5 years old.

It pained you more, as a tear fell, again, from your eye.

You saw a text from Jughead, which made your eyes widen. Why now Jughead? I'm clearly a mess right now.

Jug the bug: [Name] can you come over at pop's? i need to talk to you

You quickly reply with a 'sure, be there in a few.'

  And when her youthful world was about to fall in
Each time her slender shoulders,
Bore the weight of all her fears. 

When you entered Pop's, you greeted Pop with a smile, while he returned one in response. "Hey [Nickname]! Nice to see you again!" He beamed, as you scratch your neck. "Hey Pop, and likewise," you mumbled softly.

"Rough day?" He asks, while you nod. "Yeah just some homework, I'll be fine." He gave you a nod, and ushered you to go to your usual spot with Jughead. Ever since you two were little, you always hung out with your families. Every Saturday night, to be exact. But when his mom and Jellybean left Riverdale, the family dinners were not as often anymore, until you and Jughead were left.

You walked over to your spot, and flashed a smile, and took a seat in front of him. You noticed that he already ordered your burger and fries, in which you gave him a grateful smile.

"Sooo... whatcha wanna talk about, Jug?"

"This is the day [Name]! This is the day I tell Betty, what I feel," Jughead grinned as you turned to look at him. You felt your heart break into little pieces. You fiddled with your fingers, and then looked down at your abandoned burger. "Oh! That's g-great! Are y-you coming over at hers' later?" You choked back, a fake smile gracing over your lips.

He nodded, as you continued to sulk into your seat. "Are you alright?"

You were shouting numerous profanities in your head. No Jughead! I'm not okay! I am f*cking in love with you! And it pains me to see you fall in love with another girl!

You gave him a tight lipped smile, while he raised an eyebrow. "Yeah! Of course... why wouldn't I be?"

He shrugs, stealing your fries. "You seemed off? Oh and what happened with the dude you liked?" It's you, idiot! You practically wanted to yell at him, but you can't. His eyes were asking for answers.

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