Part 84*

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Preeti: Ok guys!! One last round to go!!

Shanaya: Come on Shravan!! I know you can do it!! (rooting for Shravan)

Aaron: Suman will definitely win! (rooting for Sumo)

For the last time, Sumo and Shravan put their rings back into the bowl before Preeti stirs it up well. It a 1 to 1 tie and this is going to be the final tie breaker.

Both sides of the family wait eagerly to see who would win this game.

Preeti gave the go, as Shravan and Sumo quickly put their hands back into the milky water. This time, none of them looked into each other's eyes. They were in full on game mode, and both were eager to win.

Sumo's fingers glided through the water as she searched for the rings. However, her hand was stopped by Shravan who grabbed it underwater.

Sumo looked up to see Shravan's face, but he didn't, he had his gaze focused in the water as Sumo struggled to get her hands out. Suddenly, Sumo felt a ring being slipped through her finger. Just as she was able to let go of his hands, she felt another ring being slipped into her finger, a bigger one.

It all clicked to Sumo. The reason that she was unable to find any of the rings was because Shravan had already found both of them. And he had so lovely surrendered his defeat and gave Sumo his victory.

Pushkar: Preeti, you might want to check on these two. From above something might be happening but you never know what is going on underwater. (smirking)

Preeti: Here, let me check.

Preeti held onto Sumo and Shravan's hands and lifted them out of the water. Their hands were still intertwined with each other's and Sumo's pinky had her engagement ring on it and her index finger had Shravan's ring on it.

Pushkar: (grinning) I told you! Bhaiya cannot be trust. He will start anywhere!

Shanaya: (excited) So Suman is the winner!!!

Aaron: Obviously! And even if Shravan found the rings, I am sure he gave them to her. Am I right Mr. Lawyer?? (winking)

Shravan: I did no such thing! So I guess Sumo wins! (smiling at her)

Sumo: But-------

Pushkar: Congrats Sumo!! You just defeated the undefeated and biggest lawyer in the city!! This should be breaking news when we wake up tomorrow morning!! (laughing)

Nirmala: Ok Beta, now that the rituals are over, shall we proceed with the lunch??

Pushkar: Yes Badi Ma, I am starving!!!

Raj: Says the guy who already went to taste the appetizers 3 times!!

Shanaya: Guys I am starving!

Kamini: Beta the food will be served shortly.

Preeti: Suman Di you are ok right? (concerned)

Sumo: Yeah, yeah I am fine. (shaking it off)

Shravan: (confused) Why did you ask that Preeti??

Preeti: Um, actually Suman Di made a promise that she wouldn't eat or drink anything until the wedding was successfully over.

Shravan: (shocked) WHAT!!!?? Sumo are you out of your mind?!

Ramnath: Shravan calm down! It's not the end of the world and usually all of the brides fast for their husbands.

Shravan: (freaking out) Papa Sumo hasn't eaten or drunk anything all day and you want me to calm down!! She has to take her medicine still! She just got out of 2 major accidents and instead of taking care of herself she is sitting her making stupid promises!!

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