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You were in your apartment alone, waiting for Gerald to get home. You had sent him text hoping that he would get them and reply.It was 10:57pm and you were fed up. He always gets off from work at 9pm.Its just that thus night is supposed to bw special.   You cooked a meal,put candles on the table,and wore his favorite lingere that he loved to see you in.

You were worried about the food getting cold and if gerald was even going to show up. Lately,you both have been on this ice.  Constant arguing,ignoring each other was all you two ever did this week. Happily, you threw in the towel. You wanted to apologize foe everything you had done to him and that you just wanted to be happy.

Maybe that wont even happen,you thought.

You grabbed the tv remote and turned on your Flat screen tv. After switching  channels repeatedly, you decided you wanted to watch the new.

As you let the news play,you walked to your kitchen and grabbed a bottle of red wine and a new wine glass you've been wanting to drink out of for a long time. You walked back to the couch and sat down.

"Thank you Tom. Im here on the scene of a devastating car crash tonight of 26 year old male by the name Gerald. "

Gerald? Your attention was now focused on the screen. Your heart jumped. You were scared.
"Suspects says that he was texting and driving,soon after he almoat ran into semi and swerved off of the road and into tree. It took the police long to remove the brokem tree from his car but only to reveal 26 year old gerald Earl Gillum dead."

I dropped the glass on the ground.  Tears came down my face,i was immediately drenched in my own sadness.  It was my fault,it was me. If i wasnt being so worsesome then maybe,just maybe he"d still be alive. I screamed,and screamed, and screamed even more. 

I wanted to scream til all the pain could dissapear.

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