Chapter 3⃣- Smartness

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Chapter 3⃣

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Lisa's POV

A mid age woman came in as others stood up then greeted I did the same then we bowed.

I guess this is our sub-teacher.......

This school is very different compared to other schools.

This doesn't make us go to other classroom but stays in just 1 classroom like how could the principal do it like that?

"Class, I'm Mrs. Venova" She introduce as she motioned us to sit down. We did.

She started teach us as I listened carefully... Well, I really like studying and no one can stop me.

The topic is quite easy cause I studied it when I was 16 year old. My Aunt taught me. I was her favorite niece because she said that I'm responsible, attractive and smart.

She even told me that my natural talent came from her.

But I believe Kim and Manoban family are just smart and rich. That's where my talent came from.

Now, Mrs. Venova is asking us questions as I kept raising my hand. Of course she would pick me but not always. she calls others but gets the wrong answer so just ends up calling me.

"Very good Ms.Kim" She said quite impressed as I nodded then smiled.

"Now these questions are not found in your book you must answer it" She said as I nodded but I don't know if others nodded too... Nah I don't care.

"If you could observe (blah blah blah) Why did it happen and how?" She asked. I raised my hand energetically.

She looked at me then called me. I stood up happily.

"Base on my studies with my aunt (blah blah blah)"I answered and sat again.

"Wow, how did you found out?" Mrs. Venova asked me surprised.

"I was 16 year old time and My aunt wants me to discover things in life. I know I'm very young at that age but she told me my knowledge was onto somekind of another level so.... Yeah" I explained then shrugged

She just nodded to avoid a long conversation and continued asking. As always, I kept raising my hand.

She finally ended a class and we started to bid her goodbye.

"Oh, and Lalisa Kim?" She called me as I raised my hand.

"Ne?" I asked. She smiled at me proudly but I don't know why

"Too smart for a young lady" She said as I smiled. I often get this kind of treatment or compliment so I replied her.

"Thanks for the compliment...... Mrs. Venova" I said satisfied. Satisfied about anything.... Well not anything..... Something's still missing.........

She was heading to the door but she turned around.

"I'll give you a duo project then pass them tomorrow about this topic" She said and taught us how to do the project.

I widened my eyes in surprise

"But Mrs. Venova It will take a long time for us to to this project, It has quite many researches to do. If only two people would do this we might finish it next month!" I explain to her

"How about you'll do it as a group then make sure it's finish next week starting tomorrow" She said as I nodded It could be

"Okay now you know your groups right?" Everyone's attention turn to mine the next thing I know was.

"Mrs. Venova! She'll be in our group!!!" A boy shouted then raised his hand

"No!!!! She'll be in our group!!!!" A girl shouted then also raised her two hands

"Yes!!!" Girls started to beg

"Please" Boys started to aegyo as I cringe.

"Shut up!!!!" Mrs. Venova shouted, As I jumped in surprise. Others froze.

"She'll get to pick which group she wants to be in. Leaders just raise your hand" Mrs. Venova said

I saw Namjoon's hand raised up as I picked him so soon

"I'll pick Namjoon's team" I said. Then smiled so Mrs. Venova just nodded

Why? Because I know him. I saw Jennie and others shouted 'yes' but others groaned in anger.

What so good that I'll be in their group?

I shrugged as Namjoon walked towards me. He smiled at me as I smiled back, he's very happy.

"What made you pick my group?" He asked 😑 seriously?

"Oh you don't want? I'll pick an--" He cutted me off

"No no no no please no" He said with a scared tone. I don't care as long as I'll have fun this year.

"I thought so" I said as he sigh in relief. Jennie started to walk towards our direction then put her arm over Namjoon's shoulder.

"Thank you for picking us lalisa" She said then smiled happily. I just nodded

"But why am I so wanted?" I asked

"They want to work with you because you're so smart" He explained as I nodded again. They walked away.

I took my phone then started making some notes there........

But I was confuse because I don't know how many members we were. So I stood up then walked to Namjoon's chair.

I think he noticed my presence so he looked up to me. He gave me a questioning look.

"How many members are we?" I asked. He started to count.

"11 members in all" He said as I thanked him.

I organized the schedule. It was all was perfect. But there's one problem though.

I notice that the friends I met earlier came up to me. My members

"So how will we do this project?" Rose asked me as I checked my phone.

"I already arrange our plan but there's one problem though" I said then sigh. They gave me a confusing look.

"You have to stay in my house for 1 week" I said as they looked....... Excited?

"Sure!" Jisoo happily said. Why aren't they mad?

"I thought your going to mad" I said surprised.

"Why would we?" Suga asked

"Because I'm being selfish? Doing all this work?" I said as they shook their heads.

"Why would we be mad at you when we're suppose to thank you" Jin said as I nodded. True true.

"But when will we live at your house?" J-hope asked......

"Today......" I said then looked down

"Awesome!" Jimin said. Taehyung leaned onto me then whispered.

"Don't mind them their just excited because they're spoiled brats they don't care bout studying" He whispered as I nodded.

I think what he means is I'm gonna have a hard time controlling this dorks....... I massage my temples then sigh

Thats the problem of being smart


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