Chapter2: The Reporter

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If she was totally honest, Lena Luthor didn't quite remember everything about the first time she met Kara Danvers. She certainly didn't remember every detail like Kara did. For instance, Lena swore Kara was wearing a grey skirt and a green cardigan, when Kara knew for certain that her lucky green cardigan was in the wash, and she was actually wearing her blue cardigan over a pink collared shirt. She was positive about this because if she had been wearing her lucky green cardigan, she believed she would have been a lot smoother during her first meeting with the CEO.

Kara checked her watch for what was probably the fifth time that minute and sighed, shaking out her limbs as though it would get rid of the nerves. It wasn't just the weight of the article Snapper Carr had assigned her—Lena Luthor was the talk of the town and interviewing the CEO would be a huge deal for her, career wise. But there was just something about Lena herself that made Kara nervous in a way she hadn't felt before.

It had been a few days since Supergirl had saved Lena Luthor, and Kara had been having a hard time getting the encounter out of her head. Right now, Lena Luthor was a star child in the eyes of the media: charismatic, beautiful, captivating, and working hard to repair L-Corp's reputation and put some real good in the world, or so it seemed. But there was something in Lena's eyes that night that spoke of something else, something hidden that made Kara intensely curious.

Just as Kara was getting lost in her thoughts, a sleek black car slid up in front of her. A tall, muscle bound man in a dark suit got out of the driver's side and opened the door to the backseat. A black heel emerged from the car, planting itself on the ground. Long legs in a cream pantsuit followed, and then there she was: Lena Luthor.

Kara felt her mouth go dry. The woman was stunning in an otherworldly sense; for a moment Kara wondered if she might be an alien too. She also found that a part of herself was slightly disappointed Lena hadn't arrived on her motorbike. Green eyes scanned the area and Kara suddenly realised Lena must have been looking for her. She quickly got up, scrabbling to hold her belongings in place and trotted over to her.

"Watch it," a gruff voice accompanied by a thick arm caught her in the chest and Kara had to suppress her immediate reflex to flip the guy over.

"Lucas," Lena said, fixing the man with a stern look. "Relax, please. I believe this would be the CatCo reporter we're scheduled to meet. Your name being...?"

"Danvers—Kara Danvers." Kara fumbled through her bag and showed Lucas her CatCo ID, hoping it would placate the bodyguard. Satisfied, he lowered his arm with a grunt.

"Excellent. Sorry if I kept you waiting, Miss Danvers, I got held up at the office. I don't know about you but I am famished. Are you up for some lunch?"

Kara's expression brightened at the mention of food, despite the fact that she had eaten lunch only an hour ago. "Always."

During the car ride Kara fumbled over her words about how excited and privileged she felt to be interviewing Lena—it was, after all, her first high profile interview as a reporter. If being interviewed by a junior reporter bothered Lena she certainly didn't show it, and simply smiled pleasantly while Kara gushed uncontrollably.

Lena took them to a sushi place downtown and before long their table was laden down with rows of glittering sushi. Kara almost didn't know where to start, but, of course, she didn't let that stop her for too long. In her excitement, she fumbled with her chopsticks and dropped a sushi roll into her soy sauce dish, flicking drops of sauce all over her top.

"Someone's excited," Lena said, an amused expression playing across her face. "Here." She handed Kara a napkin, which she used to dab at her definitely stained shirt.

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