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"Okay ladies," Harry gathers everyone in the hall

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"Okay ladies," Harry gathers everyone in the hall. "I want to say something before we get out there."

"What? That we're going to win because we will beat these bitches." Monique cheers on.

Harry chuckles, shaking his head. "I love your enthusiasm, but anything could happen. You girls did work your asses off for the past two weeks for this and it would be disappointing, however, you did try your best and we did make it this far, so whatever happens." he pauses then looks around the huddled group of girls. "Please, don't be put down about it, okay?"

The girls nod as Harry puts his hand out. Monique's lands on his first then I throw mine out with the others following. We do one last cheer before heading out onto the court. We start our stretches and I scan the bleachers. I spot my brother and dad sitting there, waving for my attention. They might've been the most embarrassing family members out there, but it was nice to have them actually come.

It was time to get into our positions, so I quickly get to my spot in front of Monique. I look over my shoulder, watching her bounce the ball before hitting it over. The ball makes it over and back a couple times until it finally comes to me. I do a slight jump, spiking it down sharply. I hear my brother cheer loudly and I look over to see him standing.

We were coming to a win and I can see everyone's excitement. The ball flies from Abby then to me. I fall to my knees, trying to catch the ball. I slide and it hits off my hands, but goes back. I watch it fly toward Monique and she glides over, hitting it to the other side. The crowd cheers when the player on the other side couldn't get it in time, so it hits the floor.

The whistle blows and I jump to my feet to hug Monique. Suddenly, we were surround by the rest of the team. I squirm out of the group, running toward Harry. I jump, wrapping my arms around his neck and his arms wrap around my waist. He holds me up for a few moments the drops me.

"We're going to playoffs!"

"We're going to playoffs." he nods, smiling widely.

I turn around to see the other girls follow my movements and hug Harry as well. I look past them to see Monique talking to my dad and brother as they glance my way. I make my way over to them and my brother steps forward to give me a hug.

"You did it." he says, gripping my shoulders and lightly shaking me. "I would go out and celebrate with you, but I already promised someone a date tonight and I didn't th-"

I cut him off, laughing. "It's okay, Alec. I much rather go home and finally rest after these long two weeks."

"That's great." he says, hugging me again. "I won't be out too late and don't tell dad that I'm already ditching you for something I promised I wouldn't do anymore or he will literally change his mind about you staying."

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