Chapter 10

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"Hey I've been thinking about us," Beca said softly as she stroked Chloe's hair in their hotel bedroom that Friday night. They had gotten to the hotel a few hours before, but their first game wasn't until the following morning.

"What about us?" Chloe wondered with a soft giggle.

"If you're ready, I want to come out to the team," the brunette whispered.

"Yeah?" Chloe wondered excitedly. "You feel ready?"

Beca nodded, biting back a smile. "Everyone besides Mia has shown nothing but support to the lgbt community. And I trust them a lot."

"I'm so proud that you're okay with this," the redhead smiled. She had been wanting for Beca to be more trusting of people and to accept her sexuality for so long and she was so happy that she was finally able to.

"I still don't know about my dad but I'm working on it," Beca said reassuringly.

"I completely understand," Chloe replied. "We should get to bed, we've got an early day tomorrow."

Beca nodded in agreement. "I can't wait to win this with you."


"Beca I need you to pinch run for Kaitlin since she's catching next inning," Coach Smith said, pointing out to second base.

"Okay," Beca replied as she quickly put her helmet on and ran out to second base. Her knee was still bothering her a lot so she was trying to be careful, but she cared a lot more about winning than whether or not her knee was hurting. She took a lead off and when the ball went past the pitcher, she sprinted to third. Unfortunately, the catcher managed to get the ball pretty quickly and throw it down to third base, forcing Beca to slide into the base a little too late. The pressure on her knee from running along with the pressure from landing really messed it up and she couldn't even bring herself to get up for a few moments.

Coach Smith came out of the dugout to see if Beca was okay and the brunette was still struggling to stand up and put pressure on her knee. "Do you need help walking?" He wondered once Beca was finally able to stand up.

Beca nodded with a sigh. "It hurts really bad."

"Can someone come help Beca walk to the dugout?" He called to the team and Chloe immediately ran out, giving a hug to her girlfriend before she and coach Smith helped the girl walk into the dugout and sit down.

"Are you okay?" Chloe asked softly, helping Beca get situated with an ice pack.

"I really messed it up," Beca sighed. "It'll probably be okay to walk on in a little bit but I can't run on it anymore."

"Don't do anything you feel like will be too hard. I can carry you and help you walk if you need it," Chloe said seriously.

"Beca do you want to call your parents?" Coach Smith asked.

"It's okay, by the time they here, we'll be on our way home," Beca replied with a shrug.

He handed her an ace bandage and a safety pin to secure it. "Wrap this around your knee to keep the swelling down but keep the ice on it."

"Okay," Beca replied. "Thanks."

Chloe took the ace bandage from Beca and unraveled it. "I'm gonna put it on a little tight, let me know if the pain is unbearable," she said.

Beca nodded and winced as the redhead began wrapping the bandage around her knee. Chloe quickly secured it and put the ice back on Beca's knee. "Was I safe?" She asked with a laugh. "I wasn't even paying attention to that?"

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