Chapter one: Another day at work

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Your POV:

I looked at my hair in the mirror. Today it just didn't want to cooperate and look the way I wanted it to. Grant it being a teacher I wore my hair up a lot just to get it out of the way but I wanted to try something different today and of course it wasn't working.

I sighed, giving up and threw it back up into a ponytail like usual. I curled it to kind of make it look nicer than usual since that was all I was gonna be able to do.

I walked out of my bathroom to my fairly small apartment and picked up my phone off the table near the bed. I checked the time and realized I had plenty of time to make it to the school.

I poured myself cereal since I didn't really feel like cooking and took my time eating.

Once I was done eating I threw on a jacket since it was fairly cold out this morning and grabbed my purse and my keys and walked out the door.

The school was only 10-15 minutes away from my apartment which made these early mornings a lot easier.


I walked into the school with my purse and my keys and walked down the long hallway listening to my heels click against the waxed floors. I unlocked my classroom flipped on the lights and waited for the parents to start bringing their children in.


Once all the kids left I began to clean up the classroom and make sure the janitors didn't have to much work cut out for them. Once my room was straightened up I grabbed my things and headed out.

As I walked down the hallway heading for the front doors I passed the office and saw a man I've never seen before and it made me slow my pace. Who was he? He looked my age by the way he was dressed which is young compared to the other kid's parents considering I'm only 22.

All I saw was his back and his dark yet soft looking hair but something about him made me curious.

AN: this is short and horrible but it'll get better I promise :)

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