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On a crowded bus you'd think i wouldn't be alone
But even a stranger wouldn't sit next to me
I was promised by many i wouldn't be alone
Inside and out I'm alone and unwanted

I'm dieing inside i don't even want to be me
I've been lied to and cheated on, left on my own
They say they all care but not one notices
My heart is a pit that sinks into my stomach

I want to be oblivious to the bad and see the good
The world won't let me forget all the mistakes i made
Haunted by dreams in the day can't sleep at night
I just want one to care to see and pick me up

I've mopped myself up so many times
I've been left to fight the battle on my own
I'm trying to make it pushing so hard
But repeatedly keep falling back down

But I can't fight anymore lost the battle
Surrendered to the enemy the war is over
I'm done a prisoner in a world of the free
I'm trapped in an iron cage built by my hands

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