Chapter 3: Heart Attack

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"Wait do you two know each other?" Santana asked curiously. The whole class looked as confused as Santana. 

"Ahmm,,he's my friend's neighbor's cousin's son?" Rachel said in panic. Finn looked at her confused. She looked at him and shrugged. "Ahh,, Fi--- Mr. Hudson, can I speak to you this urgent?" Rachel glared at him.

"Sure, Ra-- Ms. Schuester" Finn gulped dryly. He went outside first while Rachel was on his tail. 

Rachel grabbed his wrist and dragged him into a janitor's closet . Rachel suddenly slap his shoulder. 

"Awww" Finn winced loudly. "What was that for?" Finn looked at her confused.

"You didn't tell me your a teacher" Rachel still glaring at him.

"Wait, how old are you exactly?" Finn asked still confused.

"ok, im going to tell you about a girl and boy that met in a bar" Rachel smiled innocently.

"Rachel, theres no time for that, i have a class to teach" Finn said.

"Don't you get it Finn?" Rachel said a whispered harshly.

"Get what?" 

"Im your student" Rachel said. Finn's whole body froze. He stared down to his girlfriend in horror. "Nah, who cares" Rachel said shrugged. She suddenly attack Finn with kisses. Finn snapped out of his thoughts, and kissing back his girlfriend.

"I miss you soo much" He muttered through the kiss. They both pulled away to breathe. "But this is so wrong, Rachel" Finn said sadly.

"I know" Rachel muttered looking down. "By the way you look really hot in this uniform" Rachel said smiling big pretending to fix his collar. Finn smirked.

"I love you" Finn said before kissing her mouth one last time

"We better head out" Rachel said. "You go first, you have a class to teach" Finn nodded, and kissed her lips one last time.

Both of them went back to the room. They were watching a video about condoms. Finn and Rachel keep stealing glances, sometimes Rachel gave Finn sexy look, or lick her lips. And it made Finn's pants tighter. 

Suddenly Rachel raised her hand.

"Yes, Ms. Schuester?" Finn asked confused.

"I can't see anything" She fake pouted for a second and turn into smirk. Finn gulped dryly, his thing (A/N: Sorry guys, I cant write things like that here, I feel weird and uncomfortable about it, I may be wrote sex lines but never things that you own , you know what I mean) is now throbbing. You could see the bulge through his pants. 

"Sure, Ms. Schuester you can sit here" Finn said patting the sit next to him. His palms are getting sweaty.

"Thank you" Rachel smirked before standing up and sit down next to him.

Half way through the video, Rachel carefully, slide her hand through his pants. Finn's eyes went wide and looked at her like shes out of her mind or something. Luckily no one could see  because of the table thats blocking them. Rachel rub his thing with her hand. Finn moaned quietly closing his eyes. He was seriously about to burst if it werent for the student that are here in his classroom to study.

"Oops" Rachel dramatically cover her hands to her mouth. She dropped her pencil purposely. She bend down. Rachel unzip his pants. Finn eyes went wide again.

"What are you doing?" He whispered, good thing no one heard him because of the video they are watching. Finn's eyes are really wide that it could come out any minute. His girlfriend is seriously killing him.

"Making you feel good" Rachel smirked. She rub his thing for a second before shoving her mouth in it.

About Minutes of moaning quietly. Finn come in her mouth. She gulped and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and zip his pants back. 

"That was hot" Rachel whispered smirking.

"You've been a really bad girl, Ms. Schuester. I'll be punishing you later" Both of them duck their heads and kissed.


Hi, fincheletes. I hope you like this chapter. I know theres bad stuff in it. Its called Finchel Smutt for a reason. And the story is all about a Teacher, and Student Relationship, so yeah. Don't forget to vote and leave a comment down below. Luv Yah Guys. And oh.. dont forget to follow my cupcake @1D_is_my_life4 . 


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