Chapter Eight

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Chapter Eight

I hit my phone multiple times to get the alarm to shut off.

I might've broken my phone's screen, don't tell my mom.

I rolled out of bed and picked out a black halter top, and a pair of high-waisted light wash shorts.

I stumbled into the bathroom groggily, and glanced in the mirror at my tired face.

I had purple circles underneath my eyes, making my lack of sleep obvious.

I stepped into the shower and shivered.

I turned on cold water so I'd have a better chance of being wide awake during school, but I thought, forget it, and turned the hot water on.

I stepped out and slid my clothes on before applying a light layer of make-up.

I walked into the kitchen and grabbed an apple, greeting Tyler who was already awake.

"Crap," I hissed, causing Tyler's eyes to snap up and meet my irritated expression.

"I left my car at my house and I forgot because we had just been riding in your car." I explained.

He smirked, and I suddenly remembered he rides his motorcycle to school, not his car.

"Can I drive your car? Please!" I begged, clasping my hands together in a pleading manor.

"Nope," He popped the 'P'. "But you can ride on my motorcycle with me."

I added up the pros and cons.

Pro. I'd be riding a motorcycle.

Con. People would see the two of us walk into school together.

Pros outweigh the cons, I'm in.

"Okay!" I grinned excitedly, and he looked at me shocked, cocking an eyebrow.

"You're actually excited? Not in the least bit scared?" He questioned, and I shook my head.

He threw his head back and groaned.

I grinned triumphantly.

"Fine, let's go. Macie already left." He said, motioning for me to follow him outside.

He climbed on his motorcycle and handed me the helmet.
I was hesitant, because I didn't want to put him at risk, and he noticed that.

"I'll be okay, just take it." He offered me a smile, and I reluctantly took the helmet and put it on.

I climbed on behind him; when I put my arms around his waist, he immediately tensed up, before letting out a long breath.

Tyler's POV-

I know we just started hanging out over the weekend, but she already causes my nerves to explode when she's around.

She rested her head against my back as I drove through the heavy gusts of the summer breeze.

When we approached the highway, her arms tightened around me, and out of reflex, I sucked in a breath.

I heard her laugh and yell out of excitement, and I couldn't help but grin.

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