Your Home Awaits You

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Soon you will return, you the Ancient Ones of the Parthenon.

Those in the British Museum will soon learn 

That you all must return, each fragment of carved stone.

Back to Attica and the Aegean Light

Us humans will finally see you in all your true might

By viewing you within the glass Acropolis museum

All bathed in natural light so shadows of the passing day  

Can give you more meaning,  of why this is your rightful home.

Your home by Ancient Laws of where you first were made 

And why those ancient ones worked so hard on your creation. 

To be part of the meaning of the Parthenon 

With all its messages of Democratic Law 

Majority rules and the voice of reason will 

ideally bring you back to this Attica Hill 

Built especially for all generations to view  you. 

Home where you should be, yes  where you should be.

Your time in the dark halls 

Of a foreign land  is nearing the end

For the sensible will finally send 

You all back to your home 

You have just been on an extended loan.

Seemingly by false papers and bribery

It all doesn't matter to the majority  

Because you no longer belong to them really 

For they didn't make you nor did their ancestors 

It was the Ancient Greeks, the Hellenes who carved 

You from marble mined from Attica Pentelicus Slopes 

The birth place of your forms that special marble 

Strong with an everlasting spirit of its own.

Yes soon you will return. 

But until you do your home awaits 

And yearns for your forms to fill the gaps.

And just perhaps one day I'll visit you there 

On display in the light of day.

And I'll rejoice with all those other voices 

who have worked so hard for your return.

Yes, you will be greeted with our hearts 

And our eyes will stream with tears 

Of relief that our life's work was worth your 

Return to the place of your creation. 

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