Epilogue Part 84

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Sarah's POV...


" I have to tell you that there is something else." Barb surprised us by saying. She looked at Knox when she said that making me wonder what the hell else could there possibly be.

" I don't have them with me. I left them with Dorn for the police to look into. But Mrs Stawell's son took more than that one photo of Eloise. He also took photo's of her as she was being pulled out of the pond. He also took some more after she was laid out on the grass as well as after she was cleaned up."Barb was saying to him in a soft voice.

" There were bruises on the back of her neck and there were large bruises on her back between her shoulder blades. Mrs Stawells diary said that before anyone said anything, the doctor finally arrived. It was also mentioned that Flemming's had come running for the boy. Young Rupert, to take him away from seeing his dead mother. But when she went back to the room where the new babe was suppose to be, she told Mrs Stawell later on that she heard voices talk about doing away with the new baby." She went on to say to us all. I could see some horrified looks on some of the other women's faces. I also noticed that the mens eyes went cold like steel.

"And when the coast was clear, she had Broode's look after young Rupert with his life and she wrapped the baby in her large shawl and placed him in a basket and left. She told Broode's that she had been called home to her sick mother and she had apologised for the unfortunate timing. But she needed to go. But she told the man that those damn visitors were upstairs wanting to see to the baby and she didn't like that idea. Then she left with no-one seeing her again. All of this was recorded in Mrs Stawell's diary. So that explains how you came to have been delivered a few months later after your father moved you away. There is more to the story, but it will have to wait until tomorrow." She finished tellingus.

How incredible. And how horrifying that Eloise lost her life probably in a fight to save her young son. had she not been so weak from recently giving birth, she might very well had survived that fight. But she didn't.

It made me wonder if she knew that she did save her sons life though. And poor Howard, her Robbie, coming home to to bury a wife and to lose a son.

                                                      *     *     *     *     *     *     *

I smile when I think back to that time. How could I not with how so much had happened for so many of us.

After much hugging and kissing, Barb and Jaxon flew out the next day after saying goodbye to everyone. I don't know when we will get to see each other again since she will be living on the far side of the planet away from me. But I am happy for her.

After such a sudden thrust into a relationship with Jaxon and a hasty marriage as well, it was clear to see that she had fallen in love with him along the way. I know it wouldn't have been easy since i knew she did love Carlson to some degree. But his stupid actions pretty much killed and kind of affection she had for him.

But what she now has with Jaxon, that relationship looked something special and also looked really strong. Especially with him claiming those babies like he has. Typical Joifield man that he is.

But I will miss her so.

She had mentioned last night that there was a slight holdup with George's body being allowed into Australia and she needed to sort that out. I heard her and Jenny talking earlier and from what they were saying, they had decided to bury George with his beloved Violet instead of with his friends in Armidale.

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