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Glancing in the wing mirror, I checked over one of the most important things to me; my appearance. Go ahead and call me vain, but I knew where looks could get you and I wasn’t going to let smudged make up and windswept hair ruin the possibilities. Running my fingers through my long brown hair that fell half way down the back, I smoothed it out before brushing my fringe out of my eyes. I wasn’t wearing any make-up and if I was honest, I didn’t look bad so I decided to just go au-natural, as it wasn’t like I had anything on me.

The sound of a car door slamming brought me out of my own little world and I jumped slightly, noticing John was no longer in the driver’s seat next to me. I took this as my cue to get out and smoothed out the pink t-shirt I was currently wearing, which just so happened to be Dolph Ziggler’s new one. Catching the reflection of myself in the shiny black exterior of his car, I smirked confidently at my appearance. The dark blue denim skinny jeans I was wearing highlighted my slim figure and the white and red Nike hi-tops finished off the outfit perfectly.

I noticed John watching me, whilst shaking his head and chuckling to himself. I frowned, narrowing my eyes at him as I walked forward closer to him. He slowly raised his hands in surrender with a smile still plastered on his face.

“You remind me so much of y---“

“My mother? Yeah, I get that all the time…” I rolled my eyes, not really getting where John and the numerous amounts of people who knew both me and my mom saw the comparisons. Each to their own I guess, everyone saw the world differently and I definitely viewed in a whole new way compared to the majority of people.

“It’s true though hon, she used to do this all the time” John smiled at me “So you ready to go in?”

“Hell yeah, of course I am” I grinned and followed him towards the entrance to the arena for all WWE employees, my heart pumping hard and fast with excitement. We fell into a simple step and casual conversation about what I should expect and the sort of thing he does as he’s not going to be on air. I suddenly stopped seeing that ‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper was up ahead talking with AJ. It then hit me: this Smackdown was the Blast from the Past special episode so I wouldn’t just be seeing the current superstars but some outright legends as well. I heard John chuckling beside me and shook myself from my thoughts, pulling my eyes away from the Scottish legend himself and turning to my mother’s childhood best friend beside me.

“What? That’s Roddy Piper!” I exclaimed at him, shaking my head when he continued to chuckle.

“Better get used the sight of a legend kiddo, there’s gonna be a lot of them today” He smiled, taking my hand in his own and pulling me forward, yanking me out of my star-struck state as we headed straight towards Roddy Piper and AJ.

Just as we were almost within talking distance, John whispered into my ear “Just go with what I say, okay?” not bothering to let go of my hand. I nodded and put a smile onto my face, feeling nervous which was extremely rare for me as we stopped next to Roddy and AJ, who had ended their conversation and were smiling at John expectantly, eyes occasionally flitting to me in confusion.

“Hey Rod, it’s good to see you man, how have you been?” He smiled, letting go of my hand and shaking Roddy Piper’s, offering a friendly smile to AJ at the same time.

“Yeah, it’s great to see you as well lad. I’m great” He replied, his voice sounding so familiar in my ears yet so strange as it was coming from the real man himself in front of me, not my television set. His eyes switched to me and I gulped slightly as he scanned the small amount of me, stood at a midget 5 ft. 2 next to the 6 ft. 1 figure of John Cena, my new… guardian, I guess. “So, who’s the young lassie John?”