Chapter 78

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As the day they'd been waiting for quickly approached, Connie found herself wandering if she was really ready for this. Motherhood. It was big, you couldn't mess this up and then try again. It was make or break first time and it wasn't just her to be affected by it. 

She rest a hand to the evergrowing bump as she released a long breath. Connie had kept herself occupied for the last three weeks but it was only now that she was really sitting down and thinking about what the future held for her. Her mind raced, all the alternatives coming to mind as she thought about the person she was. She wasn't a mother, she couldn't care for someone else, truly love someone else.

Leaning back against the chair she ran her hand across her stomach feeling her daughter kick back at her touch. A smile came to her face as she rolled her head to the side. Moving her hand away, she noticed a stillness come over her before resting her hand to her stomach again, feeling a strong kick once more. "Someone is going to have the same barriers I do... I guess you'll be a pretty independent baby, hmm?"

Sighing heavily she looked around the room. Things had been moved and rearrange in order to make room for all the baby essentials. Connie ran a hand through her hair as she sat up, resting her arms against her knees. A photo of herself and Sam caught her eyes, one of them at the consultants ball a year ago. It was odd to think to the days where they could never define what they were. Soon enough they'd be parents, a new stage in their lives that was sure to bring many bumps in the road.

She moved into the kitchen leaving her phone on the table as the same sharp pains from earlier that day returned. Running a hand across her side she groaned getting herself a glass of water before wandering upstairs towards their bedroom. She only made it half way before she dropped the glass she had been holding to clench a hand to her stomach. The pain returning, only stronger. "You really pick the best of times." 

Looking to the shattered glass she shook her head deciding to come back and clean it later. Switching the bedroom light on she wandered past the wardrobe mirrors, stopping as she caught a glimpse of herself. Her hands moved either side of her waist as she looked to her reflection. It was something she had come to terms with over the months, the small figure she once held gone for now.

She'd be grateful for the days she could get back into here old clothing and walk around with her heels firmly on her feet again. Dropping her hands she was about to wander towards the bed as she stumbled forwards, her hands falling against the mirror as she stabbing pains continued to shoot up her back, her head becoming clouded but it didn't stop her from feeling the tell-tale symptom. 

Looking down to her feet she groaned seeing the small pool of liquid before moving a hand to her side inhaling sharply. Looking around at the bed desperately for her phone, she realised she'd left it downstairs on the table. "Ohhh, not now please..." Connie looked around the room, grabbing Sam's jumper from the back of the door and pulling it on over the top of her vest. The small pyjama shorts she wore would have to do for now.

Taking uneasy steps back towards the doorway she froze as another pain raced through her body. "I swear if you make me give birth in this house I will never let you forget it..." Connie groaned as she leant all her weight against the wall. Taking a deep breath, she closed her eyes through the contraction before standing a little straighter again. "Just let me get downstairs..."

Moving once again, she began to descend the stairs slowly gripping to the banisters in fear of falling. Stepping carefully over the glass that had smashed earlier, she finally reached the bottom and released a breath she didn't realise she'd been holding. Her feet felt odd against the floor as she made it back to the sofa, lowering herself down enough to reach her phone and dial Sam's number.

Lately he'd kept his phone close to him incase Connie needed anything, he never seemed to stop checking on her. Trust the one time she needed him to be the day he didn't pick up. Groaning as she heard his voicemail she dropped the phone to the floor as another contraction came over her. "Guess it's just you and me baby..."

Leaning her head back she released another breath thinking about what she'd just said. "Nope, no way am I doing this here." Flicking through her phone she rang her office, knowing that it would be answered. "Darwi-" "Elliot. Find Sam, tell him I need him here in the next five minutes or he'll find out how much of a bitch I can really be." 

Elliot heard her rushed words, frowning before hearing a cry come from her. "Connie!?" "Just find him Elliot, I can't do this on my own." He looked up to the office door, realisation hitting him. "The baby-" "No I fancied a chat? Yes, Elliot, and labour doesn't tend to wait for anyone." He placed the phone down disappearing into the department instantly as he searched for Sam.

Connie groaned as she looked across the room before dropping her eyes to her stomach. "Now I really regret giving him the keys to my car this morning..." Rubbing a hand over the bump she inhaled again feeling another contraction come and go, she just hoped Elliot found Sam before it was too late.

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