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*Loki POV*

Its about six pm and Im sitting beside Cruz in the Rec room, me on facebook and him yelling at the tv because they cancelled some movie he's been waiting to see since he got back from school. I'm talking to Diego, who I had recently added along with the 4 x S's, Blake, Mark, Fray, Shay and my twin brother. The convorsation was going well and he had filled me in what had happened. Some cheerleader, Stella, had a fight with her EX boyfriend,Brock, they broke up today.Shay, Samson and Slade got into a huge fight with Brock, yes the dude who had just been brocken up with, and another jock called Jimmy because they were calling Cruz, one of their supposed friends, and Scar gay (Cruz had filled me in on how they had come out and addmited it). Finnally he admited that we had to do a project like thing with each other, that was unfortunatly due tommorrow...... meaning that I was going to have to come over to his place and work on it with him. I tell him I'll be their in 20 and log off. I dont even have to hound Cruz to take me as he says he will bring me in a minute, that he needs to change. I agree and run into my room grabbing my cell, wallet, laptop (which was in my hand) and note pad, shoving them in a bluey black rucksack. I plonk down on my couch waiting for Cruz to come in. I hear my dad wander down stairs and open the door exclaiming "Eleonar! How are you? Its been too long!"  and an old prissy bitchy voice replies "James, Im good, you may take my luggage" I hear Cruz rush down the hall towards my room before bursting in and yelling, although I was near him "LO-LO GRANDMA'S HERE.... COME MEET HER!!!!" i could tell he was eager so I obligingly went with him down four flights of stairs to see 'Grandma'. I stop on the fourth step from the end and skan 'grandma' over as she does to me. She has a tall thin bodie that vultured against the wall, her hair was died honey brown and was in a tight neat bun, she had green eyes. Her face was thin, wrinkley and pale. She wore a black skirt that went to her ankles with old lady shoes and a frilly, long sleeved button up shirt. A pearl necklace wound around her neck as she presses her thin lips together in a frown at my apperance. "Christopher, darling, why hello!" she cooes looking at my brother. I look around for this Christopher fellow but only see me, Cruz, my father and 'grandma'. I assume that Cruz's real name must be Christopher but everyone calls him Cruz. The old lady looks at me her face in a frown as she adresses me stiffly "And who, might I add, are you" she sneers and whispers to herself not realising that I can hear her "Hussy" I glower at her while muttering bitchily "Loki, your granddaughter, not a hussy bitch!" I mean Sure I was wearing a pair of fading short shorts that were fraying at the end and a yellow  crop top withthe word LOVE on it in big bold sparkly black letters, my paint splashed hi-tops clashing with my knee high white socks with neon monsters on them, but still. My bitch of a grandmother lets out a gasp of shock at my outburst and she says in a  'Im-better-than-you' voice "Dont speak to me like that, look at Christopher,  he is the perfect grandchild you should take after him" I look at 'Christopher'. He was wearing blue jeans, white nike's, his school jersey with his number,7, and his stupid varsity jacket...... hmmm I suppose he does seem like the perfect child but you know..... "Listen here canis" I curse at her in latin, calling her a bitch. "I aint no cunnus(slut) got it" I was beginning to shake with anger. "I do not have a clue what you are saying you lttle hussy, but I demand you stop at once. Where do you think you are going? Hmm. Dressed like a prostatute who should be on the streets? To your boytoys house? How much does he pay you?"I growl at her, she obviously is not a werewolf as she looks around for the sourse of the noise. I grin saddistically at her " Ya, Im going to a irrumabo (fucking) lads house...but he's gay and his brother is my brothers best friend so yeah Im going to a lads house but not to sell myself..... but at least if I wanted to boys would want to aswell unlike with you...... ever!" I laugh sarcastically and shove past her towards the door dragging a growling Cruz, who didnt like for a moment that anyone would think that Scar would be with anyone other than him, his soulmate. I hop into the driver seat with Cruz's keys in my hand. Once he gets in the car I ask grinnning teasingly "Soo Christopher" he growls at his name "why wasnt i tild about your real name?" HE glares at me and I raise my hands in surrender, before reving the engene and speeding off, following Cruz's awesome directions we reach the massive mansion in less than 5 minutes meaning Im only 5 minutes late for my study buddy Diego. I prance up to the house, Cruzy boy in tow. I ring the door bell trying to blow off steam when Scar opens the door......... WAIT SCAR!?!?!?!?!? "SCARRRRRR WHAT THE FUCK DUDE!?!?!?" I scream in his ear pulling him in for a hug, hey... I mightnt be a nice person but he is my bestest friend. He invites me in before kissing Cruz on the cheek *mental awww1!!!!!!!!* I hear Diegos smooth voice call down the stairs "THEO? Is Loki here?" Theo? Again with names! Scar calls back "Yeah bro! She's here.... me and Cruz are gonna watcha movie come and get her" I hear pounding on  the stairs as Cruz and Theo,Scar, walk off holding hands with Scars head on my twins shoulder. I look back at the stairs to see a grinning Diego in his trackies and a blue long sleeved shirt with only white socks on his feet. His hear was damp and ruffled, suggesting that he just had a shower. He grabs my hand and tugs me up stairs. On the way up we pass a boy, around 20 years old, with tousled blonde hair, light tan and blue eyes. Diego explains that the dude is Joe, his 21 year old big brother, who had denied alphaship because he didnt and I quote ' wanna work like shit for no friggen reason!' Jeez that dudes a loser. I allow Diego to bring me into a rec room where he closes the door and I plonk onto a beanbag as he describes the project. Basically we had to answer questions on a sheet and your partner took down your answers then we had to write a song together. Easy right!!!!!!Diego didnt agree with me though!!!!!!!!!

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