Day One

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I dropped my head into the palm's of my hands restlessly, a low grumble forcing it's way out from my pursed lips.

“So, wait, you're dating him?” Chaz questioned with a tint of amusement playing at his tone.

“Chaz, I've said it over twenty times, I'm not exactly dating him, I'm just.. I made a bet..” I blabbed on, thinking about how stupid and mindless I sounded.

“Well, have fun dating lover boy..” Ryan grinned awkwardly before exiting the room with a dazed Chaz.

After I heard the door shut tightly, I collapsed onto the ruffled bed, my hair that was finally let down sprawled out on the white mattress in a wave of brown.

“Your hair looks nice down,” a gallant voice spoke, his body leaping onto the bed so it went downwards slightly. I hadn't heard the door open, so this startled me.

“Thank you,” I murmured, closing my eyes tightly.

I heard his faint laugh and my eyes peeked open to a staring Justin. His one arm was holding his face up while he laid straightly on his stomach, examining me with his dark burnished eyes.

“I have a surprise for you,” he said while his eyebrows knitted together, “wanna know what it is?”

I sat up a little, interested in what the surprise was. His right hand raised and the movie, Pride and Prejudice, came into view of my widened blue eyes. I was expecting a horror film, the usual pick and choose of the male species, but no, he in stead went ahead and picked out my favorite movie of all time.

Snatching it from his hands with a look of desirable manner, my eyes lingered back onto him.

“How did you know I liked this movie?” I scrambled.

I hadn't talked with him about the book? Or anything about my inhumanly obsession towards the book or movie. His cheek rested on my bare leg that was extended on the bed and he sighed, making circles on it.

“Because like I said, I know you better than you know yourself.”

I was flabbergasted and surprised at how much he truly did know, or at least, guessed about me. Before I could react, his lips trailed down my leg to my ankle, leaving my once thought up sentence to be wedged down my throat at the contact of his soft, heartwarming lips.

“So, want to watch it or keep looking surprised?” He inquired. 

I shifted my eyes from him to the movie before coughing and recollecting my heartbeat.

“Y-yes, uh, let's watch it.. I guess..”

I got up from my position and walked swiftly over to the flat screen that hung on the wall. I stuck the DVD in and pressed play, grabbing the remote and looking stunned when I saw Justin on the bed, patting the spot next to him seductively.

My cheeks flashed a bright burgundy color, blooming upwards to my forehead. I waddled over and laid down as far as possible away from him, which was deathly hard seeing how he gave me no room at all.

“I don't bite, Parvati,” he whispered, sneakily slithering his hand underneath my body to grab the side of my waist before he scooted me close to his chest.

I could feel his breath on my neck and I knew from then on that I wouldn't be able to focus on my favorite movie. 

The movie ended and like I predicted, I couldn't focus because Justin's hand had seemingly touched my bare skin wherever they could find it. Rather it be a smidge of skin near my waist, or my arms, he touched every surface of it.

The credits rolled down the screen and I thought about how wanted I felt, a feeling I hadn't experience in awhile. Maybe this bet wasn't that bad after all, I thought.

“Well, that was nice,” I admitted, not talking about the movie.

“Yeah,” he smiled as if he truly did mean it and that he really did enjoy the movie.

“I'm gonna go take a shower,” he mumbled, kissing my forehead while climbing out of the bed. Before exiting the room he looked back, winked, and then shot me a dazzled smile before leaving me lifeless.

Day Onehe picked my favorite movie randomly..

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