The royal blacksmiths

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Third person P.O.V

Pythor and the serpentin was in a crypt, trying to find the second fangblade. Pythor stopped, guessing that it was probably a trap hidden. Scales walked into him and Pythor glared daggers at him.

"Why mussst we ssstop when the next fangblade is just ahead of usss?" He hissed.

Pythor hit his staff at the floor and the ground fell down. 

"What good is it to unlocking the great Devourer with the four fangblades if we're not around the seat!? Get the boy!" Pythor say to Scales and call out.

"Bring the boy!"

Two snakes escorted Lloyd to Pythor. He had a chain around his torso and arms. The two snakes took the chain off.

"Oh! You're letting me go?!" He asked happily and hopeful. Hopeful to see (Y/N) again.

"Heh! Only to fetch my dear boy. So step lightly." Pythor say and Lloyd balanced at the edge of the stones that still was sitting on the wall.

Trying to jump over a gape, he slipped on the edge. He fell down but grabbed a stone so he was able to pull himself up.

"Bring me the fangblade, and I'll let you go." Pythor say and Lloyd walk into the crypt.

Lloyd walked slowly and as he did, more of the floor began to collapse. He ran fast to not fall down. But the floor fell faster and Lloyd had to jump the last part. He landed on his back. But not many seconds after, the sealing began to lower. It was filled with spikes. Lloyd crawled fast away to not become a shish-kebab. He stood up again, right now he really wish (Y/N) was here and could comfort him. She used to hug him either as if she was like him or when she was that other form, when she was tall and strong. Gah! He couldn't think of that now! He have to concentrate to get that blade so he can return to her.

Lloyd took a step forward, but walked at a press plate. When he did, there was arrows that got shot out of the wall. Lloyd ran. (and in some way he didn't even got hit by one!?) He dodged all the arrows. But having blessing in disguise he lean to a stick in the middle of the way. It got pushed away and the sealing fell down. Lloyd ran away, ending with sliding onto a room at the end. (The stones fell over him and he didn't get under but over then end up sliding off. Very logic, not!)

He walk up to the alter and sees that the fangblade is gone.

"It's gooooneeee! He yell to the snakes.

It'ssss gone!?" Pythor exclaim.

"Where issss it?" Scales ask himself.

"Do I still get to be free?!" Lloyd ask.

"NO!" Pythor reply.

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