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Have you ever been in love? Do you get butterflies in your stomach when the person is around? Do they make you smile just by a simple gesture. Like a smile or a soft squeeze to your waist? Do they make you so happy that you can never stop smiling? I count that as love. It doesn't matter knowing everything about the person it's knowing the little things that you found out by yourself and not the other person pointing them out. A simple biting on the lip when their nervous or how their eyes change color with their mood.

Maybe you haven't been in love. Maybe it's not love. Maybe you're just drawn to a certain person and it brings you ultimate happiness. You feel all bubbly inside and tingles are sent through your body.

But the feeling you get with them makes you believe you can do anything, like jump off a bridge or slap a cop. It makes you feel strong; almost complete.

And this person means everything to you. Without them, you feel empty; alone. You feel incomplete without them, because to you; they're your world and you'd do anything for them.

But nothing can last forever and something finally comes and ruins it and you feel heartbroken. Crushed. Like you can't breathe without them and all you want to do is be able to touch them, to feel their hands wrapped in yours. But you know it's over and that there's nothing you can do. It has run it's course, leaving you utterly broken.

You feel like a total imbecile, letting that person into your life just to leave a few short months later. But a miracle happens, and maybe just maybe you get to see each other again. And you get to feel complete; feel as if you're whole again. And then you finally get your happy ending.

Cause in the beginning you were just two crazy and stupid kids in love with the thought of each other.

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