Chapter One

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Hey everyone! I'm back with a new serialised romance story, which I'll be updating every Tuesday for the foreseeable future.

Thanks to Hubby for the edit. <3

I hope you all enjoy ...


I drummed my fingers impatiently on the steering wheel, and watched as the row of traffic in front of me barely moved a fraction of an inch forward. Despite getting up at five, I was somehow still running later for work starting at six a.m. Not exactly a great way to return after a week's holiday, and especially not on my first day in a new position.

Finally, the traffic started moving, and the small hope I had that I might make it to the TV studio in time kindled into life. I floored the accelerator, and sped across the city, thankfully not running into any more traffic jams or red lights. At five fifty-seven, I pulled into my usual space besides my boss, Charlotte.

When I entered the studio there were people everywhere; crew members milling about, presenters chatting in corridors, runners dashing from one set to another. It was far busier than usual for that time of the morning, when only the breakfast show was getting ready to air. Figuring they must be hosting some big-name guest, I made my way to the hair and makeup department, where Charlotte and the team had already set up.

"Sorry I'm late, guys." I pulled off my jacket and shoved it, along with my bag, in a locker at the rear of the beauty area.

Charlotte cast me a cursory glance, and then put the finishing touches to the breakfast show presenter Dana's makeup. Scanning the day's itinerary, I started to unpack my makeup kit, and ready myself for the first person needing my services.

Just a few minutes later, the network's sports presenter, Jon Harrington, swaggered towards me with a smirk on his face.

"Jade, my favourite person to see first thing in the morning."

He climbed onto the makeup stool, and I covered his football t-shirt with a protective cape, then started priming his skin.

"Piss off, Jon."

We both busted out laughing.

"How was your week off?"

"Good thanks." I covered over the bruise still lingering under his eye - the remains of a pub fight - and dusted his face with setting powder. "Did I miss anything interesting while I was away?"

"Actually, you did. Paul Mason got fired on Wednesday."

"Wow. You owe me fifty quid."

Paul Mason, the network's music presenter, had been walking a precarious line for the last six months. His out of work behaviour had drawn the wrath of the network executives, and he was one bollocking away from getting fired. Apparently, that fateful day had come while I was on holiday.

"Any news on who's replacing him?" I asked, as Jon admired my handiwork in the compact mirror I passed to him.

Jon grinned. "Yeah, you're not gonna believe who we landed ... Seth Marshall."


"You know, the guy from the nineties' band Stryfe?"

I shrugged and removed the protective cape. "Yeah, because I was watching Top of the Pops when I was a toddler."

Jon shook his head and stood up from the stool. "Well, anyway. We're all going out for welcome drinks tonight. You game?"

"Sure, any excuse for a piss up."

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