True Origins Revealed. Part 83

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13th June All Rights Reserved.

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Sarah's POV...


Then we watched as Barb carefully picked up a very old photo and turned it around to show us. An old sepia one of a very young woman who was obviously in her wedding dress. One who was standing next to a young man who was somewhat taller than her. But was the exact image of her. They were twins.

" No wonder there are multiples in the family. But who are they? We can tell they are Knox's. That's obvious." Jullianne saidafter she regained her wits a bit.

" This photograph was taken as Andrew Knox walked his twin sister, Eloise to the chapel where she was to marry Howard Joifield," Barb said as she slowly moved the photo around to show everyone.

" She looks so young and beautiful." Joy said as she looked at the face of her great grandmother.

Then she turned and gave the photo frame to Jaxon who slowly passed it along towards Alice and Henry and the others to hold and look at while Barb pulled out a few more things that were gathered in the package on her lap. One being another photo that was of Eloise holding baby Rupert with a proud Howard standing beside her.

Barb slowly passed that one too along for everyone to have a look at. Everyone in this room was connected to those three people. But there was more to come. We could all hear the excited voices as they looked at the photo's being passed around.

Then I saw Barb pick up a diary. One I don't think I have seen yet. Then I saw this secretive smile come across her face again. Just when I thought that all the secrets were out, she is surprising us with another. One that i don't think even jaxon knows about if the frown on his face is anything to go by.

So I wondered what she was going to surprise us all with this time with all of the family here gathered together. Both the Joifield and the Knox families.

Then Barb started reading and shocked us all.

                                                               *    *    *    *    *   *

I can't believe what Barb had been reading. I had so many thoughts running through my head after she started reading actual letters from Eloise to her husband Howard. It had to be who had written them. Eloise Hannah Knox Joifield.

But I was still feeling that there was something big in the back of my mind and the dots were beginning to be connected the more that Barb read. I will admit that I was feeling a little warm when she read one particular letter that was of the extremely private kind between a husband and his wife where I would assume that it was only meant for her husbands eyes and not anyone elses.

Even one or two of the others mentioned something about it.

Then Barb waited until everyone's attention was back on her before she started reading what looked like the last letter.

My Dear Darling Husband, My Robbie.

The sun came up a little while ago and I am now resting here quietly in our bed after giving birth to our beautiful second son. He is just as handsome as his older brother. He does favour his father with those handsome looks he has. But for once, this little one favours my dear brother. He will be so enthralled over that bit of news.

How I wish that you had been here in time as I screamed and ached to expel the babe from within me. Both Mrs Stawell and Flemmings did well to help me. That useless doctor didn't turn up at all for some reason. I will wait for your presence to go and have words with the man. I find his non appearance to be quite rude after you had finally talked me into having the man attend me during this trial.

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