Bora Bora Part 3.

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Y/n:"Cant we stay in bed....."I said making her turn around and raise an eyebrow at me.

Hailey:"And do what Y/l/n?"She asked making me smirk and lean closer to her lips.

Y/n:"Things...."I said pecking her lips and then going to get neck"a lot of things actually"I mumbled making her moan a little. I smirked and pulled back to see her blushing making me chuckle.

Hailey:"You are the most horniest person I've ever met"She said making me chuckle and plop down on the bed.

Y/n:"Please.... Its only cause you're my girlfriend"I said making her blush even more. I chuckled making her throw a shirt and me and look down.

Hailey:"Go get changed"She mumbled making me put my hands up in defence and walk to the bathroom grabbing my swim shorts and a shirt since I could really wear anything else with my extra part.

I changed into my swim shorts and shirt and walked out the room to see Hailey in a bikini literally making my eyes pop out from their sockets. I checked her out from top to bottom letting my eyes roam her body cause damn Hailey Baldwin is a sight to behold. I'm honestly the luckiest motherfucker alive....

Hailey:"Babe...."She said snapping me out of my gaze and blushing"If you're done starring.... We can go and meet the others"She mumbled making me walk up to her and wrap my arms around her waist while she wrapped her around my neck with cheeks still red as a tomato.

Y/n:"You know I'll never get tired of you right?"I said making her blush even more while I chuckled a little and pecked her lips making her smile and place her hands on my neck keeping there. We were having an amazing make out session right now when we heard a knock on our door making me groan and Hailey giggle a little and answer.

Hailey:"Who is it?"She asked as I moved my kisses to her neck making her bite her lip.

Zayn:"Its Superman!"He said making us both laugh a little and shake our heads"Its Zayn now can both of you stop making out and join us!"He yelled making us chuckle a little and grab our things. We opened the door and saw Zayn standing there on his phone. He looked up at us and sighed"Finally!"He said as he started walking making us chuckle and follow.

We followed him and saw the others standing there and talking. We walked up to them and gave them a small smile while they smirked at us.

Kylie:"Were we interrupting something?"She asked making me clear my throat.

Y/n:"Actually-"I was cut off my a hand on my mouth making my words come out muffled.

Hailey:"No! We were just changing"She said making me lick her hand making her look at me and shake her head pulling her hand away.

Zayn:"Didn't sound like it..."He mumbled making the others laugh and Hailey and I blush a little. I rubbed the back of my neck and cleared my throat a little.

Y/n:"Alright...lets go"I said making all the them laugh a little. Hailey walked with the girls while I walked with the guys talking. We were busy having a conversation when my mind wondered off to something a little more interesting. Hailey's ass.

Taco:"Yeah so I don't get-"He stopped and hit my head making me flinch.

Y/n:"Ow!"I said rubbing my head making them laugh at me. They looked at me and and shook their heads.

Tyga:"All you do is you get tired?"He asked making me chuckle and look at her laughing with girls and smile a little.

Y/n:"No...I don't think I'll ever get tired"I said making them smile a little and nod. I felt them pat my shoulders and laugh a little making me look at them confused"What?"I asked puzzled making them chuckle a little and sigh.

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