Bora Bora Part 3.

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I helped the girls out the boat while the guys stood there in shock making me chuckle a little. The girls looked up and looked at it wide eyed making Kendall, Kylie and I chuckle and shake out heads.

Kendall:"I'm guessing our choice is good..."She said making me chuckle and and the others nod and look at us.

Gigi:"This place is amazing!"She said making us laugh and nod.

Kylie:"It is...."She said looking at it. I walked behind  Hailey and wrapped my arms around her making her lean into my touch as I kissed her neck.

Y/n:"And that..."I said pointing to the first one making her hum and nod"Is ours...."I said.

She looked at me and squealed turning around and kissing my face

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She looked at me and squealed turning around and kissing my face. I chuckled making the others awe and take pictures of us. She pulled away and gave me a quick kiss making me pout a little.

Hailey'"Later..."She whispered making me smirk and nod. Definitely

Zayn:"All right Romeo...where's our rooms?"He asked making me grab our luggage and move my head making them follow me. Myself and Kendall showed everyone their rooms while Kylie ran off to do something.

Bella:" what are we going to do?"She asked making Kendall and I shrug. I was about to speck when Kylie squealed and walked up to us with a grin in her face.

Tyga:"Okay babe whats up?"He asked making her show us a paper.

Abel:"Jet ski and lunch...."He read out making us all look at each other and nod.

Taco:"I'm down...."He said making us all nod.

Kylie:"Okay cool! We'll go change and stuff and then meet back up here..."She said making us all. We all nodded and went our separate ways and started getting ready. I walked in my room with Hailey and saw her face light up.

Hailey:"Oh my god! Baby!"She squealed as she ran out to the deck. I chuckled and put the bags down and walked outside to see her on Snapchat making me walk behind her and kiss her cheek making a filter appear on my face"Smile babe"She said making me smile and see the dog filter.

I chuckled a little doing funny faces with her with different filters when all of a  sudden I got pulled into a kiss which I've been craving ever since we landed. I kissed back and bit her lip a little making her pull away and bite her lip putting her phone away.

Hailey:"Well, I'm definitely not posting that...."She said walking inside making me chuckle and follow her. I walked behind her and  wrapped my arms around her waist and kissed her neck making her giggle and lean into my touch relaxing.

Y/n:" will probably lose their mind"I said making her giggle and nod.

Hailey:"That's true...."She said making me hum and kiss her shoulder.

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