Chapter 23 | Dam Chaos!

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After a month...

The moon was shining on the fountain waters when Xiana Wasline walked across the newly renovated Aquews Park. Keeping her hands inside the pockets of her black sweatshirt, she quietly hummed a Xilphainian song and gazed over the Felixians and Gazies sitting on the new wood benches.

She was heading back to the marketplace, where she, her sister, and Percy stayed for the past month since Dorothy had adopted Xiana and Xanaia. Dorothy accepted Percy to come along too wholeheartedly. They live in the second floor of the pastry shop.

I swear when I get back I am going to jump on the bed and hibernate. Xiana thought. She was exhausted. She blamed it on her father's pride that he laid onto her as well, making her come back to the Army after the burial, a week and half later. She took her hands out of her pocket and swung her shoulders to stop the pain. Why would Luke choose a Sunday for Team Training? Sunday is a restday!She frowned. Oh, wait. We don't HAVE a restday. That is so unfair!

She groaned outloud making a few people look at her. She raised her eyebrows at them and they quickly turned away. She continued on and now sang the song.

When I needed help
When I needed care
You were always there
For me

You were the only one
Who could see right through me

All of the pain, all of the sadness that keeps eating me inside.
I could take it all when you're, when you're by my side.

Xiana chuckled lightly, she always loved this song but she can't relate to it. Now, after the past events she could feel the gratitude of the composer to the person she's dedicating it to. She was grateful for having Xanaia, Percy, and even Dorothy. She looked up the night sky and smiled widely, silently thanking whichever Primordial she could think of.

With that happy thought, she walked the pavement with a bright smile.

Maybe things were slowly mending for her.


"I'm home!"Xiana shouted as she close the door. "Woooh! What's for dinner?!"

"Xia!"Xanaia greeted. She stood up from the couch and ran into her sister's arms.

Xiana landed with a big oooommmmppphhh, "Xana, you're heavy!"she complained.

"No, I'm not! You're just weak."Xanaia countered.

"I'm not. I'm tired."Xiana explained.

Both of them heard a laugh, making them turn to the stairs where Percy stood. "Who are you? Not or Tired?"

Xiana rolled her eyes at him, "Ha. Ha. Very funny."

Footsteps resounded from the creaking floors above. Dorothy appeared from behind Percy and narrowed her eyes at her, "You're late."

Xiana smiled sheepishly and rubbed her hand behind her neck. "Yeah...about that...blame Luke."

Percy's smile immediately wavered and was replaced by a frown. "What did he do?"

Xiana winced hearing his unusual blank tone but not completely unusual because he turns unreadable when one of the three were mentioned. "Nothing bad. He just made us train until nine. Chill."

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