> E x t e n d e d S u m m a r y.

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After coming back home from school, Sara Queen Heart receives the shock of her life after finding out that she's finally going to be adopted after living in the adoption center for the past 7 years.

Turns out the person that always visit her at the hell house is her new mom, and she might be the richest person Sara will ever meet.

Moving from rags to riches, she was thrown in to a world of glamour and glitz with diamonds and pearls being the side dishes of her drama.

Too bad her new parents' kids hates her. 

Assuming she's a gold digger they try very hard to get rid of her with the help of their group of troublemakers. Sara thought that her new high school life would be very uninteresting and lifeless, but when her new school's very own troublemakers suddenly added into the mix as they suddenly pick a fight with her—who i might add, is a very experienced troublemaker—she is bound to experience events that will surely rile up not only her life but also the lives of the students at Syneart Academy.

Join her adventure as she ventures through her love life while surviving the journey of defining herself and find out who she really is.


> D I S C L A I M E R

     >English is not my first language, I apologize in advance for the grammatical errors that are bound for you to come across.

       > The beginning of the story is slow-paced, but don't worry it's only just at the beginning and i won't drag the story at all. The reason is because I just want you guys to get to know Sara's characteristics and the type of the person she is before bombarding you guys with new characters. 

     > I don't want to classify this book or any of my future works 'cliche' or 'non-cliche' I believe all of my future works to be a mix of both. Of course the plot twists will be something unexpected, i want all of my works to have unpredictable plot. So i will try as hard as i can to make it happen.

   > Lastly, please do not copy any of my works or any parts of it. These words are very simple that even a stupid person can comprehend them. 


; syneart ; // See-nee-art

T H A N K   Y O U   A N D   P L E A S E   G O   O N   T O   T H E   N E X T   C H A P T E R > 

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