African Love-Chapter 8

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Here is the eighth part enjoy!

Chapter 8

I didn't know what to do when Jeffry and Valarie left so I just went to my room. Thank goodness Tristan isn't in my room. I sat on my bed thinking about my dream, I didn't like the fact that it ended with me waking up during that scene but I really had to pee. I got my phone out and started playing flappy bird, I died on the 5th point.

I decided that I didn't want to be alone with Tristan so I called Rachel.


"Hey, What's up"

"Nothing just sitting in bed. I was wondering if you wanted to come over and hang out because I don't want to be alone with Tristan right now"

"Yea sure, I'll be there in..."

Ding-dong I walked to the door and opened it.


"Hey, wow you're fast!"


I let her in and we ordered pizza and watched scary movies. We were having fun when all of a sudden Tristan comes and sits right by me while we were watching Saw 5.

"Um....excuse me but I don't recall us inviting you in here" said Rachel. We were in my room.

"Well I'm here now"

"Um..No! get out now" I said


"Because I said so"

"Whatever, You girls do your little movie night the movie isn't even scary!"

"Whatever Tristan!" Rachel yells

"Hey we should play a prank on him tonight"

"What?....I don't think that's a good idea"

"Of course it is. He keeps messing with you so in order for him to stop we need to give him a piece of his own medicine"

"Um..." I said thinking about all the times he's busted into the bathroom and gone in my room

"Come on it'll be fun" she begged

"Ok, but nothing too major"

"Who said that cause I didn't we are going to make his night miserable"


We thought of the perfect plan. We were going to do it in stages so he least expects them. We made a list of the things we were going to do and the things we needed to make it happen. We were going to do the pranks from least to greatest to least.

Trstan's Prank List:

1. Air horn prank- blow the air horn at him throughout the night (Air horn and good timing)

2. Mess with his food prank- put spicy stuff in his food and record his reaction (Hot peppers and Food)

3. Brownie prank- put laxatives in the brownie and let him eat it (brownie mix and laxatives)

4. Cut up shirt prank- before he goes to bed cut up his most favorite shirt and hide it until he finds it (scissors and a good hiding spot)

5. Ice cream sundae bed prank- get whipped cream and chocolate sauce and pour it in his bed (whipped cream and fudge)

Last but not least

6. Bed wetting prank- Put his hand in a cup of water and make him pee.(If this doesn't work in the morning blow the air horn and wake him up (water and cup, probably air horn)


"I don't think this is going to work"

"Why not?"

"Because if we put spicy stuff in his food then give him the brownies, he is not going to eat them"

"True.....then what are we going to do then?"

"Maybe we could give him the laxatives and put the peppers in with it so he gets a double dose"

"That's perfect, this is why we're friends"

So when we changed the list we had to go out and buy the things because we didn't have an air horn or spicy peppers, so I told Rachel to go get them because I didn't know how to drive yet.

That's it sorry but this is the end of the chapter


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