i think i remember that place, the cell, yeah i've been there before. i just don't know where...


deadlox's p.o.v.


{in a dream}

  i saw sky he was crying, he was holding some thing. maybe a piece of paper? he was standing in our house. it had to be after the kidnapping because even though my memory of being kidnapped was a blur I remember the house being a mess as I hid in the closet hoping they wouldn't find me... obviously they did though. fail.

I was starting to see more clearly of what was going on like the broken picture frame with the picture of me and sky the day we became friends and found the sensation called budder...


"I  so bored" I had no family to teach me how to have good grammar at the time. I could only stammer very known words so I was hard to understand

I was mining that day looking for something to survive the night. there was someone behind me but I tried not to look. usually when I saw a kid my age they beat me up cause In a way, I was a hobo, easy to hurt without getting in trouble.

I spotted something that was shiny to my left it flashed yellow.

as I went in for my prize I felt a hand. it was pretty obvious we both weren't going to give it up without a fight, so we did.

"I saw it first!!!" the other guy screeched

"it mine!!!" opps. now his eyes went up in confusion like he didn't know what I said.

we kept on fighting until we both gave up.

"that was really fun, ive never fought with someone that fiercely before. whats your name?" the guy asked


"well, deadlox, do you have any sisters or brothers?"  I flinched. he saw me flinch.

"no. you name?"

"umm what?" great. I confused him now.


"oh um sky"

"good name."

"thanks you too"

"thank. about you?"

"well im really loud usualy. im starting an army I don't know what to call it yet but-"

"sky army."

"THATS AMAZING, PERFECT!!!!" I flinched again to his sudden outburst.

"anyway, I love video games. and OH I HAVE A BUNCHA FRIENDS YOU GOTTA MEET THEM. "

"sky should get house. it soon to be dark." 

"nah. I live on my own."

"really? make house with deadlox?"

"you are the one who should be getting home to your family" this time he flinched.

"I got no family too. what wrong?"

"m-my...family Is... d-dead..."

"oh. I sorry I ask but why?"

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