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The Girl Next Door <33

Chapter 1

"Beautiful girls all over the world i could be chasing but my time would be wasting they got nothing on you baby nothing on you baby."

I awoke to my alarm clock singing my favourite song but not even B.O.B could make today any better. As I crawled out of my cosy bed and drew my curtains my eyes couldn't help but glance next door to where the object of my angst lay totally unaware of the turmoil he was causing me. I slowly climbed into my shower, letting the hot water cascade down my body. The soothing smell of my strawberry shampoo washing away all the stress of these past few days. I couldn't help but remember the days when things used to be easy. When my emotions where never muddled up inside and when I could talk to my best friend without thinking about how cute he looks.

After switching of the shower, I wrapped a towel around me petite frame and walked into my closet to find something to wear for another day at hell on earth - also known as McKinley High. I found my favourite white floral skirt - the one with the pink and yellow and orange flowers printed on it. I pared it with my white lace racer back cami top and white gladiator sandals. I walked out of my closet and into my room, up to my white vanity to do my hair and makeup. I'm not like most girls who go to my school with their faces caked in orange foundation and platinum blonde hair that can only be obtained through a bottle. Mentioning no names - Brittany. I applied a little of my Mac mineral foundation and studio sculpt concealer and then a bit of pink blush to the apples of my checks. Mascara check and a bit of liquid eyeliner on the top of my lids cheek. That was my make-up done. My naturally wavy brunette locks were stubbornly drying curly so I decided to go with the flow. I curled my bangs and a few of my top layers leaving the rest curling half way down my back.

Glancing at the clock I realised I had 3 minutes to get out of the door if I wanted to get to school on time! I ran downstairs grabbed my white quilted Channel bag, my keys and a fruit bar on my way out. I walked over to my car, a white BMW M3 convertible. What can I say I'm an only child and my parents through money at me like it's going out of fashion!

And there leaning against the hood of my car is the reason why I have been so confused lately. In all of my 16 years the sight of Sam has never been able take my breath away - until recently. Just one glance sends butterflies fluttering in the pit of my stomach. His dark brown, almost black hair falling messily yet sexily into his green emerald eyes making my ocean blue eyes seem ordinary in comparison. His body the perfect size for me not too built but not skinny either leaning gracefully against my car. His signature smirk and leather jacket complete his image of dangerous bad boy.

Yeah you have pretty much guessed it I, Grace Alice Scott has fallen in love with her best friend, aka the ultimate player, the "IT" boy at school Sam Night. And guess what he doesn't like me and you know why because I'm just the girl next door.

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