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Friendship comes strong, especially when you know it for so long.

Jesse and her friends were so close, that nothing could tear them apart. Nothing could tear their friendship...

Except death.

As the years passed, so did they.

Each of them, one by one. 

As a friend passes away, their color from the Amulet, fades away and was no longer in use.

The death train went on till finally, Jesse was the only member of the New Order left and only one color of the Amulet was left, however it was weak and flickering. Representing Jesse's loneliness and sadness.

Depression over the deaths of her friends, she resigns to solitude and deep depression...


Get ready to bring out a box of tissues for each chapter, because you'll be dealing with feels.

And they'll rarely be happy moments (Meaning this is my first story where it focuses more on Sadness, Depression and Remembrance)

Plus I don't know if I can promise a happy ending.

Anyway, get tissues ready!

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