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| F O R E W O R D |

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| F O R E W O R D |

This idea has been swimming in my head for a while now and I needed to get it down on paperon screenanything. I needed to just get Asa's story out. Needed Carmen's art journal to come to life.

And so I decided to do exactly that.

This story is really important to me for so many reasons. I don't know. Its hard to say. It just is.

And as usual, I'll be ripping apart stereotypes because, no, society does not get to put any of us into a box and expect us to stay within those walls.

I just hope you learn to love Asa and Carmen, their flaws and all.


| W A R N I N G S |

»Asa [male protag] is Hispanic, so if that bothers you because you've been whitewashed and can't acknowledge that there are other cultures out there, bye bye. You can leave.

»Written in 3rd person (so that I can separate myself from my characters better).

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