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"I didn't know we had a pet store in the school..." I whispered under my breathe as she elbowed me.

"Shut up, Fresh..." She pouted.

Luckily for her Reboot and Eraser we're distracted with Blue asking them about the suprise plan.

"Okay so we meet up tommorow at school right?" I asked.

"Yeah, we'll pretend it's a normal day like always. Then one of us will take her to Skate Station, that's where we'll surprise her." Reboot said with a smile.

"It was Trinity's idea." Eraser mumbled tiredly.

"If any one should take her to Skate station though it should be either Blue of you Fresh. Because there's also a small arcade at the skate station and you, and blue both enjoy playing games with her; either on a game consul or skate boards. She won't suspect a thing." Trinity explained.

"Is it alright if I bring my brother?" Blue asked as a groan came from Eraser.

He pulled out a piece of paper writing on it.

"There's another invitation..." He said lazily.

"Well, then I guess I'll take her." I said.

"Great well, we have to invite the others! See ya!" Trinity said for once loud as she pulled her brother and his bestfriend away.

"I better go tell Papyrus about this!" Blue said running away to where ever he loves.

"W-Wait! You never told me how you found my house!" I shouted but he didn't hear me.

~Time skip brought to you by Mettaton flexing his/her legs(some of you prefer Metta as a male while some of you not so much so just go with it please)~

I had texted Ivory and I no bored her to the Skate Station as planned, I managed to Google to added a to Skate Station so there should be no problem.

I rode my skate board over to get place that wasn't as far as I thought, she came out with her own skate board and challanged me to a race.

We made it to the Skate Station really fast but still in time, of course I beat her at the race but I'll admit; she nearly beat me. Key word nearly.

"Hey, mate! Wanna go another round with the roller skates? Bet I'll beat you this time!" Ivory asked her British accent coming out more in the sentence, as we walked inside.

"I'd like to see you try!" I laughed enjoying her competitive yet friendly spirit, I looked around looking for table four.

'found it!' I thought happily as a smile formed in my face. Ivory despite her temper is actually a really nice person, I really hope she likes the surprise.

"Hey, Ivory. Let's sit over there." I said pointing to the big booth, she just nodded and walked over with me to it.

"Suprise, happy 18th birthday!" Everyone shouted, Ivory jumped at the sudden out burst but was smiling like an idiot soon.

Trinity, Reboot, Eraser, Blue Berry, Swap Papyrus, Goth, Palete, Papyrus and Sans(UT), Dream, and even Cross was here. There was someone leaning against the booth but I couldn't see.

"How'd you all know it was my birthday?" She asked still smiling but did seem confused, I was too. Didn't she tell them her birthday?

"I told them." Me and her saw the person leaning against the booth walk over to see it was...PJ!?

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