Chapter 2⃣: Meeting a squad

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Chapter 2⃣ Enjoy!!!!!!!

All chapter may include bad words

This chapter is a part where she gets to meet Jungkook


Prof scolded a boy who didn't listen to him and guess what,

He rolled his eyes on prof. I felt my heart beating so fast......... What's this feeling?

As the bell rang people started fix their things quickly, but me? Im a neat person so I fixed my things neatly then went outside the classroom

I started walking, heading to the cafeteria.......... I'm craving for desserts right now.

I lined up then started taking a tray. While others were picking I get to choose before I get to pick it.

I ended up buying 1 slice of Vanilla cake and 1 choco milkshake.

Where to sit....... Where to sit...... Where to s-- Uh-huh!

I found an empty table and started walking there when a girl pulled me.

"Hi Lalisa can you sit with us?" This girl said while holding my arm. I just nodded then followed her.

We finally made it to her table as...... I saw 8 girls with Damn Visuals!.........

I sat beside her then placed my tray on the Table. I was about to take a bit of my cake when someone pulled my arm.

"Hi lalisa, the name's Chou--" Before she could continue anything someone pulled my arm. And of course I'm surprise.

"Tzuyu, don't ever think of doing you evil plan to her. If you do it again I'll end your life." The girl said then glared at that Tzuyu? Yeah I guess it's Tzuyu.

As she pulled me, I was able to carry my tray but it was hard to balance. We were walking.

"Um excuse me?" I said as she looked at me then smiled.

"Hi lalisa, My name is Mina. If those girls ever do something bad to you please just call me or call us." She said then pointed a table where 7 visuals girls are

I nodded then smiled. But seriously I don't understand....... What she's saying.......

After all of that, I can't find a place where to sit............ Where am I gonna eat now?

"Hey Lalisa, You can sit here" A girl called as I sit there instead I don't know what to do.......

They were 10 people. 3 girls and 7 boys.

"Thank you" I thanked them then bow my head. I am now sitting between 2 boys.

I started eating when a boy spoke to me.

"Hi Lalisa, nice to meet you, I'm J-hope" He introduce himself as I nodded while sipping my choco milkshake

"Rose nice meeting ya" She said then smiled. She has very nice voice.

"Jimin" He said then smiled. I nodded and continued eating. Is it me or he's familiar to mochi?

"Kim Taehyung" Taehyung saod while shaking hands with me. He's nice

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