Prologue/ Chapter 1: Meet Me.

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Its funny how it all began.

Hello, I'm Corbin Artrerius, a red headed dork with a face-full of freckles. The most anyone knows about me is that im half Irish, and i have a deep obsession with space. Problem is, not many know anything other than that. You see, its hard to be well known when half the people in your own highschool are like something out of a reality tv show; popular, pretty, and rich. The only reason i stay is because its the only school in the area that could teach the subjects im interested in very well, despite how it was obvious how the teachers would rather be anywhere else. Picture this scenario of how a normal day for me would go.

A cold fall, Thursday morning, i didnt even have the slightest bit of energy to turn off my alarm.  for what felt like hours, but was only minutes, i dragged myself up to get ready for another day. There wasn't enough time for a shower, so figuing if i could mask myself up just like all the other people, no one would notice. Dressing in a dark green hoodie and some jeans, i rushed to brush my hair and teeth, knowing any second i would hear- Bzzt! Bzzt! Bzzt! Well, no need for a countdown this time. My supposed 'friend' Samantha was already calling for me to 'rush my stupid lucky charms ass out.' Almost everyone ive met would ask me why i was friends with the infamous Samantha Okarva. Apparently, if i wasn't, she told me she would ruin my life. What a good friend.

I rushed out to her white Malibu, seeing she already had picked up her other friends. "Back seat, space-boy." She teased at me. Now, there were many things that i was picked on for, one was for my accent that would screw with my words here and there, the other would be for my last name that sounded like it was out of a sci-fi movie. Thanks Dad. It never was easy to move here, i was originally in Nebraska, and boy how i missed it. Wasnt much, but it felt like a place where you didn't have to worry about things. But now, i was stuck in California. The smell of coffee and doughnuts filled my nose as soon as i stepped in the car, Temporarily. Samantha drived off when i noticed all, even Sam, were applying makeup. "You could use some foundation for those freckles, space-boy." One of her friends, Katie joked. With i groan i replied in my best 'Totally chill voice' that i was forced to use when talked to by them. "No thanks." Katie glanced my way and scoffed with a smirk, "Probably would clog your pores like that one girl." "You mean Pumpkin?" Sam asked. Pumpkin was a girl from their freshman year that they compared to a bumpy pumpkin. Poor thing.

The rest of the drive was nothing but countless teases and jokes, mostly aimed towards me. Once again, i had to keep in a reminder that even though they only kept me because i was smart, they were the only people at the school that i could count as 'friends.' i ruined all my other chances. Even the people like me, dorky kids, would turn the other cheek because i hung out with Samantha once. She wasnt...all that bad. She bought me a doughnut, and a small coffee. But im pretty sure its because there was gonna be alot of studying for me to hve to stay awake for. The coffee wasnt even sweetened. Sam parked in her own reserved space (That she took from a girl who broke her leg since Sam said her own legs were more important.) We all stepped out of the car, and to no surprise, i was forced to carry their bags while they finished their makeup and texted all their boyfriends. Sometimes it would make me laugh about how stereotypical they were. "Okay, so i have a math test today, Corbin, sweetie? Did you write my notes?" Sam said without even looking at me. "Yeah, stayed up til' two A.M just to get all of it written the easiest way for you." Does it ever make you angry when you hear about people who graduated, but misbehaved their entire way? Sometimes i pray they all dont graduate, but then again they'll hunt me down.

I made a promise though, i told my Mom before i left that i would become an Astronomer. I would buy her a star. And since then, i kept a jar above my bed to save up. And each night, id look through my little telescope and see if theres a perfect one out there for her. My freshman year wasn't so nice, she got diagnosed with cancer, and i still miss her greatly. Nowadays i can't even focus on my dreams, im living on my own, struggling to even take care of myself. One day i hope it will all simmer down, then i can live all smooth sailing.

First period didnt go so well. I had math with Sam, (she made sure i was in all of her classes.) and i heard her talking to a few other people about a party. I wouldnt normally be upset about this, except for the fact that they were goign to travel to a field and party under the stars. It was a kind of party that i couldn't resist to know more about. I leaned more towards their direction to hear. Samantha was going on about it like it was the biggest party ever. "Like, my dad is going to set up a big tent and bring his portable battery-thing for our phones to charge. Then we're gonna see if we can see spaceships!" Spaceships? Is she serious? I knew she wasn't the brightest, but i was about 98% sure that anything like that doesn't exist. But, my interest was at its peak. Making the biggest mistake ever, i turned my full attention and asked, "Hey Sam, can i go?"

An eruption of roars of laughter came from the group she was talking to. Samantha snorted and looked at me. "You know what? Yeah, you're definitely going. Tomorrow night, at seven. You like space stuff, so can you bring things to help us find Aliens?" Her friends looked eager for me to agree. "i...suppose so?"

How i wish i could say no for once in my life. The rest of the day went as expected, in all honesty. I gave out notes like they were candy, got ignored at lunch (We went out, because Sam is picky.), and was basically the doormat of the group. But if i were to tell the truth, it doesn't bother me as much as it should. I felt useful, and thats all i focused on.

And thats me, Corbin. A useful group doormat.

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