No monster to me [Zoro]

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How long had you been aboard the Going Merry? Damn, you really lost track of time with these people.

It was nice knowing you had a place you belonged to though. It had been a while since you felt like that. But you still couldn't understand why Luffy had been so eager to bring you aboard, even more after you had told him you had eaten a Devil Fruit. He kept saying his brother had eaten a similar one. You would have to see that to believe it.

These fruits weren't easy to find. You had spent years trying to find another person that had eaten one in hopes of not feeling like a monster anymore. At least that was what the people at your village used to call you.

A monster.

At first it stung. Knowing that the people you had been raised with treated you differently because you had accidentally eaten a freaking fruit. Even when you hadn't done anything to worry them about. You had never burnt anything, not even unintentionally, but you had become a monster and that was the only thing they saw. You were no longer the sweet girl that used to talk to everybody on your way to school or the girl that would buy at the local shop really early in the morning so your mother wouldn't have to leave the house during the colder seasons. Not anymore.

Your parents. You thought about them constantly. You wondered if they were better now that you were gone. Even though they had practically begged you to stay, you just couldn't take it anymore.

You could ignore anything the people threw at you, but when it came to your parents... those times where the only ones when you had to resist the urge to reduce the whole village to ashes. And yet, you didn't do anything. You couldn't just give in and give them what they wanted. And so you left.

It was hard trying to remember how you had met the Strawhats. It had been so long ago...

Had it been in Arabasta? In Pirate Island? You couldn't remember. But you were so grateful... They had accepted you without even hesitating. Well, at least most of them. It took a while before that Swordsman trusted you.

You couldn't blame him though. A girl you don't know suddenly appears, says she is a walking volcano, proves it and your captain asks her to be your new crew mate. Just like that.

I wouldn't have slept in weeks if it was the other way around, knowing someone so potentially dangerous was sleeping right behind door number three.

But he had started trusting you. You were even becoming friends.

Friends... you didn't have many of those.

"Whatever." You said out loud, breaking the silence that surrounded you.

Everyone had gone to sleep hours ago, but your insomnia had kicked in, so here you were, looking at the night sky. The stars... they were so beautiful.

You used to look at the stars a lot as a kid. They helped you forget that you didn't fit in. After all, every star is unique.

You were just another star. Unique in your own way, beautiful like the rest.

"I'm not a monster." You sighed and rubbed your eyes with the side of your hand.

Would you ever really mean that?

"I'm not a monster." You repeated, frowning at the memories that told you otherwise.

"Who says you are one?" You rested a hand on your chest, startled by the unexpected question.

Zoro appeared at the top of the stairs that connected the deck with the small balcony. You had thought you were alone the whole time. You wouldn't have said anything had you known the green-haired man could hear you.

"I didn't know you were there." Your hand abandoned your chest and your shoulders relaxed.

"You still haven't answered my question." He frowned.

You knew he wouldn't give up, and you couldn't tell him some lame excuse like you would do with Luffy so he would forget about it. You sighed once again and rested your arms on the handrail, looking at the sky for the hundredth time that night.

"People I used to know."

You hadn't talked about this with anybody besides your parents, and that had been a long time ago, so you weren't sure you had the strength in you to bring back those memories and talk about them out loud.

"And why would they say that? It's not like you killed somebody, uh?" He raised an eyebrow, his eyes not leaving your face.

You shook your head. Bitting your lower lip, you wondered if you should just spit it out.

"If you don't want to talk about it, that's alright, but at least know that you're not a monster to me." He commented, shrugging before starting his way downstairs.

Those words... Maybe it was the fact that he had been the first person to tell you that, to say it out loud. You had met people that had treated you nicely, but none of them had specifically used those words.


Maybe it was time for someone to know.



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