"Did he win the lottery?" Edward asked, and Rose shook her head no.

"The money was deposited into his account by a company for 'consulting' fees," she said with an eye roll. "The company, of course, doesn't exist, and I'm having no luck finding out anything about it."

"So, there's no ties to Caius at all?" I asked, disbelief in my voice because there just had to be a connection.

"As far as I can tell, they've never met, but I'm not giving up. I've got some friends helping me out," she told us, and I knew she was referring to her hacker friends who could probably gain access to the nuclear codes should they want to which was a slightly terrifying thought.

"Let us know what you find," Jasper told her.

"Of course."

"And don't get caught," he pleaded. "The last thing I need is a valuable member of my team going to prison."

Rose let out a snort before she assured Jasper that she wouldn't get caught.

"I've got my bases covered, Jasper. I've even got a way to get information to the FBI should I find anything concrete."

"I don't even want to know how," Edward whispered in my ear, and I agreed with him.

As we were basking in the afterglow of our lovemaking, there was a loud noise, like an explosion, and the ship rocked violently.

"What the fuck was that?" I asked, my eyes wide as alarms began to ring across the ship, and I climbed off of him.

"Something's hit us," Edward said as he rushed to put his clothes on, and I was right behind him, frantically getting dressed and cursing when I couldn't get my bra hooked.

The moment we were dressed, we rushed out of our room and toward the wheelhouse where Edward hollered at Riley to talk to him.

"I don't know what's going on, Captain!" Riley shouted back over the loud alarms.

"Go check the engines!" Edward demanded, and Riley took off as Edward turned to the remainder of his crew who had all gathered just outside the bridge.

"Bandar, it looks like there is a small fire on the starboard side. If it's small enough, you should be able to put it out with the fire extinguisher. If not, we may have a problem."

Bandar nodded, grabbed the fire extinguisher off the wall, and made his way out of the wheelhouse.

"Omar, go get the skiffs ready. We're probably going to need them."

One by one, each man was given orders by Edward, and each rushed out to do what Edward had asked of them.

"Bella, can you make sure everyone is out of there staterooms and have them meet up here?"

I nodded my head and gave Edward a quick kiss before rushing out the door, hearing him radio Seth Clearwater.

"Guys!" I hollered as I banged on stateroom doors, bathroom doors, and poked my head into the various research rooms.

"Guys, I need you out in the hallway now! The ship was hit by something, and Edward needs us all on deck!"

It only took a few minutes before the seven members of Poseidon were in the hallway, all wearing expressions of confusion and fear.

"On deck now!"

We were climbing the stairs when another explosion rocked the ship, and we all fell sideways.

"Fuck!" I muttered as my head connected with the railing.

"You okay?" Jasper asked, and I nodded as I straightened myself up and began to climb up the stairs.

It took a few more minutes before we were all on deck, Edward waiting for us.

"I need you all to remain as calm as possible," he said, his voice firm yet soft. "The ship is on fire due, most likely, to the explosions we felt and heard earlier. I believe someone attached several charges to the bottom of the ship, but I can't be sure. We need to stay calm and get into the skiffs that are on the starboard side."

We all nodded that we heard him and began to make our way toward the boats when we heard the squawking of the radio, and then there was an enormous boom. We watched in horror as the Icarus was engulfed in flames.

"Fuck!" Edward roared as we watched helplessly.

Thankfully, it looked as though Captain Clearwater had gotten everyone to the safety of the small boats and they had been lowered into the water.

"Captain, we've got to go!" Omar hollered over the noise, and Edward nodded.

"Everyone in the skiffs now!" Edward commanded, and I climbed into the first skiff, watching in terror as Edward stayed behind.

"The artifacts!" Dr. Tanner suddenly yelled and began to scramble out of the small boat.

"Leave them!" Jasper hollered at her, and she turned to stare at him in disbelief.

"I can't just leave them!"

"Yes, you can! They aren't worth your life!" I shouted at her. "You have the flash drive with all your notes on you, yes?"

She nodded.

"Then that's gonna have to do," I told her as calmly as I could, but I, too, was feeling sick at losing all the work we'd done. We'd just have to excavate this ship if it sunk.

It had taken the coast guard a little over an hour to reach us, and they had immediately gotten us on board their ship and checked us over for injuries. Thankfully, there were no injuries from our vessel, but there were a few minor injuries and one major injury that had required medical attention from the Icarus. Mike Newton had ignored the alarms, refusing to leave his work station, and had gotten severely burned. A member of the coast guard had taken the injured to the nearest hospital in Cape Verde.

The rest of us had stayed near the ships, watching as the coast guard put the fires out on the Akkaris. They had deemed the Icarus a lost cause and had focused their attention on our research vessel instead. Edward was hoping that the fires hadn't caused too much damage and that we'd be able to sail her to the nearest port and then ship the artifacts home.

"Captain Cullen?"

Edward, who'd been standing next to me with his arm around my shoulders, turned around.


"I'm Logan Broadchurch," the man said, sticking out a hand which Edward shook. "I'm here to give you an update on your research vessel."

We all listened as the guy explained that while most of the fires had been small, caused by a small charge, they had caused quite a bit of damage.

"Can she run?" Edward asked, and Broadchurch shook his head.

"There's too much engine damage. We're going to tow her to the closest port. I don't think I have to tell you that you're going to need a new research vessel if you want to continue working out here."

"I can't wait to call Aro and tell him about this," Jasper muttered, looking less than thrilled at the idea.

"Better you than me," Edward told him before letting out a weary sigh.

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