Reunited. Part 82

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13th June 2017 All Rights Reserved.

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Sarah's POV...


" So, when is the Senator arriving?" Johnathon asked as he looked around. Senator, what senator?

" Senator who?" Micah asked with a curious look on his face, not looking really surprised at all as everyone looked at him before looking at Johnathon before looking at Barb.

" I think it's time for me to go beddy-bye," Barb was quick to say as she tried to get up of the couch she was sitting on at the moment.

" Sit your arse right there Barb. Who's coming and what Senator would that be Micah?" Jill asked Micah after she made me sit back down.

" Damn it, Knox. Now I am in for it." I heard Barb mutter to Johnathon who just looked at her.

" Well? Is that who those rooms are for that you won't let anyone into, Micah?" Jill demanded of her husband.

" Don't blame him. I told him to reserve them. I won't tell you anything except that, so yes. There is a Senator coming with her family. They will be here a couple of days before the rest of the family arrive. I can't tell you more than that at this stage. So please don't ask." Barb was quick to say as she crossed an arm over her big belly bump.

" And don't ask Jaxon either." She snapped at everyone.

" Reid. How many female senators are there?" Jilly suddenly asked Reid who looked around at everyone for a moment as he thought about it.

" Don't bother answering that. I'm going to bed. Sarah, it's past your bedtime too. Are you coming?" Barb suddenly said as she wiggled to get up which made me get up to when i saw the look she gave me.

Not one person said a thing as us ladies left the room. But the moment we were out of sight, I could hear the chatter begin. I wondered why a senator was coming here and how did Johnathon knw about it and we didn't?

                                                                       *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *

I came down the next morning to see that Barb and Jaxon weren't here. Neither were Jill and Micah. Joy had said that not long after Barb came down for breakfast that her phone rang and she left. After she made me come to bed last night, I had so many thoughts running through my mind.

I wondered if her disappearance this morning had something to do with that secret she is holding. The one which I think is to do with the Senator who is coming in a few days. I would imagine that the news of a senator was very exciting for everyone down stairs to talk about after we came to bed. 

Having been so tired anyway, I was glad to go to bed last night.

But looking at the clock as I sipped from my cuppa as I listened to all the noise that was happening around us with all the kids just about woken up now showed that it was climbing up towards morning tea time and Barb still has not shown her face.

I was with Reid outside who was helping Joy organise a few of the kids when saw Jill walk back into the family with this huge smile on her face. With one look and a few words, most of the kids who had been fed were out the back for the moment and she was organising her older kids to air out the rooms that Micah had been keeping in reserve.

Henry and Alice had woken an hour earlier and were enjoying the attention that quite a few of the kids were giving them. The Knox family had been really attentive to the older couple. From what I gathered, there had been an older couple in their lives for some time who had sadly passed on and the kids missed them.

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