Ace's P.O.V. 14

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"No, Ace." I groan and throw my pillow across my bedroom.

"Why not? What are you doing?" I ask hearing sounds of things falling in the background.

"Trying to pick up my kitchen, while making myself something to eat." I look at the time on my phone and then put my phone back on my ear.

"Why are you cleaning at 1 in the morning?"

"Why are you asking me to go on a triple date with you at 1 in the morning?"


"But seriously, please. My sister is coming down for the weekend and I want her to meet you. She wants to meet you too." I try to convince biting my lip as I wait for a response.

"Well, sounds like you should enjoy your sister since she's here for the weekend. And why would you want her to meet me or her want to meet me? We're not together, Ace. There's no point. Just go out with Adrianna and Mason."

"You're annoying."

"Yet, here we are, you asking me out on a date. I guess I'm not as annoying as you say." I hear him chew on something which makes me wonder.

"Yes, annoying, but I like you nonetheless. And what are you eating."

"Pizza. And drinking."

"Would you care to share?"

"Why would I want to share my pizza?"

"Sharing is caring?"

"Well, that means I don't care then." I can picture him shrugging.

"Bye, I'll see you soon" I hang up before he can reply. I quickly change into a pair of shorts and t-shirt and leave.

Yes, I am going to visit Kade. Yes, I am going without his approval. And yes, I will get any chance to see that annoying cute face.

Once I get to Kade almost an hour later I park my car. Getting out I see Big Ben outside smoking.

"Hi, Big Ben" he looks at me and then the time on his phone.

"Does Kade know you're coming?"

"I did tell him. Can you open the front door, though?" he eyes me and then opens.

"Thank you." I walk up to Kade's and knock. A few minutes later he opens the door and looks at me weirdly.

"What are you doing here?"

"Before I hanged up I told you I was coming over. I'm hungry and lonely. You have pizza and will not make me be lonely. It's a win-win" I shrug walking in.

"This isn't professional."

"This hasn't been professional from the minute I laid eyes on you. Now that we've made this clear. Where's the pizza?"

"On the kitchen table." He says opening the door wider. I walk in and see that his place is messy.

"What happened in here?" I ask taking a huge bite of my pizza.

"I don't know?" He shrugs going over to the kitchen and starting to wash the pile of dishes.

"What do you mean?"

"I was feeling depressed and kaboom goes everything in the apartment. Also, I hate dishes." his face of disgust when he looks at the dishes is cute.

"You know you can always call me and I can help you pick up around here."

"You don't live here to be picking around."

"I can if you let me. Or vice versa."

"Can you stop?" he says throwing the sponge in the sink and turning to face me.

"Stop what?"

"All of this. You kiss me, pretend to care about me. You say you love me. You are always asking me out and wanting to pay. You come over and are sweet, wanting to cuddle, kissing my temples, hugging me sweetly. Now, you want me to accept a double, no wait a triple date with your sister and you jokingly inviting me to live with you. Just stop. It's too fucking much and I can't handle it." He yells as he swings his arms around.

"What's wrong with all of that, Kade? I'm trying to show you how I feel. Is it so hard to believe someone can have feelings for you?" I ask walking closer to him cautiously.

"Yes, of course it is. It's always going to end the same way. Me, falling and you fucking hurting me. I don't want that. I don't need it. Everything you're doing and saying reminds me of how Lucas and I started. I'm not going down that road again to only get my hopes up and get hurt. I-I-" I pull him into my chest hugging him tight as he cries.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry I'm reminding you of him. I swear my intentions are not to hurt you, Kade." he hugs me back tight and sobs.

"Come on let's get you to bed."

"I need to finish this before morning."

"Just go to sleep, Kade. It's late. I'll finish for you."


"Kade, please."

"Lay next to me then?" He asks looking up at me.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes" I follow Kade and before I know it we are laying on his bed, lights off as he is snuggled up to my side.

"Don't cry anymore, Kade. You've done enough of that. It's time for you to be happy, and smile. Be near the people that make you happy and that make you smile.

"Lucy does make me happy and smile." I laugh at his nonsense. Apparently, my goddaughter has taken an interest in the guy I like and is always asking for Kade.

"Whatever" I whisper making him giggle low.

Like I didn't already have to worry about Kade's love from other guys, now, I have to worry about my goddaughter stealing his love too.

Short chapter, sorry! 

What did you think? Little breakdown from Kade? Ace's goddaughter stealing Kade's love from Ace? Do you think Kade will accept the triple date which is supposed to happen when they wake up in a few hours? 

Let me know what you think!

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