Chapter 2

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At the principal office

Clara walked in majestically holding a bottle of chilled drink, he quickly raised his head and stair at her from his annoying eye glass that always at the down part of his noise , he looked at her clearly as she cat walked closer.

"Good day sir" she greeted nicely.

"How are you doing"he responded slowly as he continued what he was doing before the cockroach (clara) interrupted

"Sir you have been walking all day, I most confess I adore you, you are very hardworking, the most intelligent and delligent principal I have met in my life " she flattered dully.

seriously Clara Anderson is the most dull senior I have noticed in this school, look at how she just distracted the poor man, anyways that by the way, poor principal. Serves him right! For taking the side of that black monkey Bashir.

And this time around the principal just smiled without looking at her, he looks so desperate and determined to finish the current work facing him and Clara is just a pest, she has been talking without control, since the time she came into the office till she finally pissed him up,and he was forced to interrogate her sudden appearance and the boring distraction she came along with.

"Miss Anderson " what can I do for you? He stopped all what he was doing to attend to her ridiculous demand because she sounds like she is up to something and she needs his help badly.

We'll sir, I have something for you" she said as she dropped the chilled drink, on his table

Coke! He chortled, Humph! So when will this man stop this his foolish addict towards coke, coke!, just an ordinary coke. Disgusting!!!

Talking of Clara, she felt so contented and satisfied, she knew his weak point, he can't just resist the coke, she looked at him again and smirked "mission accomplished" she muttered.

He threw the empty bottle of the coke he just had at once, without stopping at least for a second inside the waste bin , you know sometimes I wonder if he never taste of felt the gas in the coke or is it that he had never choked before when drinking it, his weird you know.

"Thank you miss Anderson "

" Don't mention it sir" she smiled.
Fake girl!

"You made my day miss Anderson" he said joyfully

What? With just a coke, is this man Alright?

"Awww! sir it's nothing, I guess I have get going now, it's almost time for night prep" she stood and walked slowly and he continued what he was doing .

Like seriously, so Clara left just like that, but she was saying something earlier, "mission accomplished" what stupid mission has she accomplished

"Sir", she peeped into the office leaving her body behind.

"Yes, miss Anderson " well sir you punished some students for quite some hours now and they are still serving the punishment, sir please with due respect can they be released? She requested.

There!, I knew it, I knew she was up to something, am doomed if Mr Shettima says the truth and find our about how they got punish, oh God please have mercy am finished!!

He looked at her with all sort of confusion on his face.

"you can't remember, as usual "she muttered,

" but you can release them" he declared.

"Thank you sir " she said joyfully and averted.

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