Chapter One

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   "Why is he looking at me like that? "I asked.

who?  Fati questioned me.

"that devil of course" I snapped.

"which devil?" She asked again.

"the bingo over there" I said referring to Bashir, whom have been looking at me spitefully.

"I don't still get you  Fati added.

"then  fine" I yelled.

"oh oh oh I now get it you were referring to Bashir right? " she chuckled

" what type of rectorial question is that Fati who behaves like bingo in this school and whom will I address as a devil you know it's him definitely" I  uttered angrily.

Fati burst into laughter

Sally you are very crazy he only behaves like a bingo towards you and you caused that Sally... Before she could complete her statement I interrupted her

what that nonsense? I snapped
How did I caused it? is he fair to me? his always looking for a reason to put me down,he knows am a obedient student but still punish me unjustly tell me Fati how did I caused it?  I yelled at my bestie feeling disappointed about her own point of view.

"You are my friend you supposed to understand the pain am going through instead you are siding with him" I said in a cracking and strangled voice at same time wiping my tears.

I can believe this guy has really made this school a living he'll for me.

Fati looked at him quietly and move closer to me she put her arm around my shoulder

" Sally my dear friend, am not siding with him i just want to let you know that your senior is always your senior its our duty to obey them at all cost and..........

"oh please spare me that trash"interrupted her stupid preachings

"what that rubbish? a senior is always a senior I said imitating her.

"Enough is enough time to face Bashir, it's high time I get rid of that stupid power of his, I don't care anymore about any seniority" I expressed my pain bitterly.

how I wish, God can give me the strength to deal with Bashir, the way I want but its impossible because he has power over me and I can never overpower him.

"Oh really, fine it's up to you Sally, throwing abusive words, staring at him terribly and hating him won't solve the problem either Fati said and do I look like i care I whispered to her while demonstrating my hands you are unbelievable... She muttered

At the football pitch.

   It's half time break already. From here to a few distance to the foot ball pitch you can site Bashir, Alfred, moses (femi) and Kabir (sp) sitting down. Each senior are coaches to their various school houses namely Red, Blue, yellow, and Green today's match were played by the junior category.

Suddenly a student pass them and Bashir called him.

Hey Abba bitchee kindly tell Sally year 4 (ss1) to kneel down and wait for me after games he said gently with all manners of power and authority

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