Potterheads are like a family. A huge, unique, diverse, fantastic family. Our blood runs with magic. Families support each other. And we especially support each other through rough times. Some of our Potterheads family self-harm. And we want to help. And so, the Potterflies were named. Potterheads who support the Butterfly Project, which aims to encourage self-harming teens to stop by drawing a butterfly on their wrist, and on the wrist of others. By drawing your own butterfly, taking a picture, and posting it, you are helping and supporting fellow Potterheads with your love, and your unique butterfly . You don't have to like it, you don't have to do anything, but share the message. On pages, profiles, groups, comments, on any site. Share to the bounds of the Potterhead family, far and wide, and we can show our love and encouragement to all members of our magical family.
Will you accept this mission?

Peace, Love, and Magic.

Dark_Chickie <3

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