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Hello! Max here~ (◠‿◠✿)

I really hope you've enjoyed reading A Secret Named Sophie! More updates will be coming soon~ by the 12th of July (2015) this entire book will be available to read in its entirety on Wattpad!

Silliness aside, if you don't know me- then allow me to introduce myself! My name is M. Kirin (though you can just call me 'Max') and I write books for a living. I'm a silly gender-queer person who loves singing in the shower, and happens to drink too much coffee. I run a writing blog (maxkirin.tumblr.com) as well as a YouTube Channel (youtube.com/mistrekirin). If you're a writer and you're interested in prompts, inspirational posts, writing advice, and more, I recommend you check out my content.

By the way, I don't make stuff on my own! Let's give credit where credit is due:

Plaguesworth did the Cover art, and happens to be a pretty darn cool zombie dude. He makes art and runs a gameplay channel on YouTube. Give him a follow (youtube.com/plaguesworth)! He's pretty funny.

Kitty Lynn is my editor, and a total cutie-pie. She is the most adorable girl ever. Unfortunately she's too busy to set up her website, but you can often catch her doing collabs with Plague & I in our YouTube channels.

As a final note. If you enjoyed reading this sample, please consider purchasing one of our books. All money goes to directly enabling us to write, doodle, and edit, even more! Click on the external link, or head over to bit.ly/mkirin-books to find out more!

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