Chapter 18

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Niall's POV

Why is Liam kissing Aislinn? My Aislinn.

How dare he kiss her. And Aislinn is kissing back?

"Asshhhlleeenn?" I dragged out her name. More like slurred it.

Aislinn quickly pulled away from Liam and looked at me alarmed.

Why is she alarmed?

Oh wait... he just kissed Liam.

That bastard.

"Liam how dare you kiss why Aislinn?" I screamed at him, turning sober.

My bare feet stepped on the broken glass.

I screamed out and grabbed my leg.

I fell on the ground and blood started to gush out of the underside of my leg.

Nobody did a single thing to help me.

That's when it finally dawned to me. I just cheated on Aislinn.

I could see tear streaks on her face.

I stopped screaming and looked at her beautiful face. Her lively electric eyes were dull and her pink lips pale.

"Aislinn, I'm sorry." I said.

"It's okay. It's not like we're in a relationship or anything. We are just dating. We just went on one date. It's okay." She let out a nervous laugh.

Liam walked out of the room even though I didn't want him to.

"Okay! Party's over! Leave." Liam screamed.

He came back to the kitchen.

"Umm. Niall can I stay over today?" Aislinn asked.

"Sure. You can sleep on the guest bed. I'll change the bed sheets." I said as I start to get up.

"I'll do it." Liam said.

I am really not angry at Liam. I cheated on Aislinn. So she can do the same.

"Liam you can sleep in my room. I'll crash on the couch." I say.

He nods and he goes upstairs with Aislinn.

Call me a girl, call me a pussy. I don't care.

A tear rolled out of my eye. I fucked up big time.

I made no effort to clean my leg. I pulled out the glass and limped to the lights. I turned them off and went to the couch.

I lied down and I fell asleep immediately.

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