Aiden POV

I looked at her and I couldn't help but think of her. She was smiling at some of the patrons from the bar. She should be smiling at me.  It was her second week on the job, and she was doing wonderfully. When she was busy and had her back turned, I would place $300 in the tip-jar for her. Her face would light up after she would count up her tips. I was already paying her $30 an hour plus tips so she was taking home good money. I had my men follow her to her home to make sure she would arrive home safely. I even paid her aunt's rent for the next 12 months, so she wouldn't worry about it. I gazed at her through the window of McGinnis. She turned around and saw me. She waved and smiled. Her smile could melt hearts of stone into flesh. I entered and sat at the bar. 'Hello, Mr. Westworth. What can I get you?" My eyes began to undress her. She looks so sexy dressed in her uniform. "You know you can call me Aiden." I said. " Okay, Aiden. What can I get for you?" Indecisive, I blurted, "Um, let me have an Old Fashioned."  She turned around to make the drink. I wanted to jump over the counter and bend her over to fuck her hard. Her neck looked delicious, which made me drool and my pants tight. I wanted to have her now. I began imagining her running around my loft, naked and begging me to chase her. It would end with me catching her and fucking her against the wall. "Aiden, is something wrong?" Charlotte asked me. I shook my head and replied, "No. Everything's good." She handed me my drink and walked away. I quickly chugged my drink and ran out of the bar. My head was hurting, either from the drink or because I was addicted to her and I HAD to take her. My head was spinning and banging. I yelled out in pain. I didn't know I was making a scene outside and I was confronted by someone. "Are you okay, Aiden?" I looked up and saw my beautiful angel, Charlotte. 

Charlotte POV

Aiden left abruptly after having his drink. I was sad because I did want to ask him for help. The money was good and I had no trouble with the patrons, but the notes on my car began to happen frequently and I wanted to ask him if he could spare a few guys to look into it. I proceeded to clean up the counter when I heard yelling outside of the bar. I looked out of the window and saw Mr. Westworth grabbing his head out of pain. I quickly rushed out and saw his sitting on the curb, rocking himself back and forth. "Are you okay, Aiden?" I asked. He looked at me and whispered my name. I lowered myself to him. "Aiden, do you need me to call someone? An ambulance or a friend?" Aiden looked at me and said, "Call Billy. He's on my speed-dial." I grabbed Aiden's phone and dialed Billy. After calling twice, it went to voicemail. 'Billy isn't answering. Let me help you." His eyes perked up. "Take me home, Charlotte. Please." Aiden whispered. I flung his arm around my neck and helped him into his car. I typed in the address of Aiden's loft on Google Maps and drove him to his home. It took 30 minutes to get the loft, with traffic. Aiden passed out in the car. Poor Aiden  I thought. Finally, when I took a left on Liberty, I arrived at Aiden's home. "Aiden, wake up. We're here." I whispered. Aiden fluttered his eyes open. I quickly rushed to the passenger side of the car and pulled Aiden out. The doorman helped me carry Aiden to his loft. Aiden's loft was on the 20th floor and had plenty of room. The door flung open to reveal a medium built man with black spiky hair and sea blue eyes. "I'm Billy. I'm sorry I didn't answer the phone. I was occupied with a-" "Shut up, Billy. I know you were "occupied" with your girl. You better not have fucked her on my bed." Aiden piped out. Billy took Aiden from my shoulder and the doorman's. The doorman left back to his post. I took a look around the loft and saw ample space and beautiful furniture. The view was beautiful but I was a little scared because of my fear of heights. I heard Billy quietly talking to Aiden. Billy came out a few minutes later. "Aiden says that he wants you to stay for dinner." I looked at my watch and it read 1:55. "I don't have any plans for tonight. My aunt is going out with her husband. I can be here for dinner. Does Aiden mind if I can go and change clothes?" Billy ran back upstairs to Aiden's room. Billy came back after a second. "He said yes that's fine." I smiled and said, "Okay. I'll come back at 5:00 and I can cook dinner, if he doesn't mind." Billy replied, "He won't mind. He loves Italian. I'll have a recipe book for you so you can look at" I said my goodbyes to both Aiden and Billy. I walked out of the loft and began wondering what I was going to wear for dinner. A grin crept on my face as I thought of cooking for Aiden.

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